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Tropical-Sea-Like Beauty! Sumata Gorge “Dream Suspension Bridge”

“Oma Dam Lake” where you can enjoy the tropical-sea-like colorful surface of the lake is located in Sumata Gorge of Shizuoka where Mt. Fuji, one of the symbols of Japan, stands. Depending on the season or day, the surface of the lake is beautifully colored in turquoise blue, emerald green or cobalt blue. The sight of it takes visitors’ minds to a mystical world. The Dream Suspension Bridge was built across this Sumata Gorge and the views from it have been popular sightseeing spots in Shizuoka. In 2012, the Dream Suspension Bridge was selected by Trip Advisor, a review site, to be on the Bucket List as one of the top 10 foot suspension bridges in the world which you would want to go across at least once in your life. Why not visit Sumata Gorge to appreciate the beautiful scenery which is a rare sight in Japan.


What is the “Dream Suspension Bridge”?


The Dream Suspension Bridge was built over Oma Dam Lake which was created by damming the waters of Sumata River that was running through Sumata Gorge. It’s a 90-meter-length suspension bridge with the height of about 8 meters. It is said that the name came from “a bridge so mystical that it would appear in a dream” or “crossing the bridge is so terrifying that it would appear in a dream”.

The view of the lake surface which you can see while crossing the bridge is out of this world as the Dream Suspension Bridge only has two long boards for footing that connect straightly to the opposite shore and crosspieces with big gaps on both sides. Its footing may seem unreliable but you will get so overwhelmed with the lake surface shining in cobalt green or turquoise blue and the 360 degree panoramic view of nature that you will forget your fear as you cross the bridge.


The Secret to the Lake Surface Turning Cobalt Green

The surface of Oma Dam Lake which the “Dream Suspension Bridge” crosses over changes its color depending on the day, into tropical-sea-like turquoise blues, emerald greens or cobalt blues and entertains visitors with its sight.

The reason why the lake surface turns various colors is due to its transparent water that allows you to see the bottom of the dam. Like this Oma Dam Lake, when the water is clear with very fine particles, a Tyndall effect occurs, in which only the blue light that has a shorter wavelength is reflected and the red light that has a longer wavelength is absorbed. This is the reason why the lake surface turns turquoise blue, emerald green or cobalt blue depending on the season or day.

What color is awaiting you on the day you visit the lake. Just thinking about it will surely get you excited.


Romantic Legend

The Dream Suspension Bridge has a legend in which the bridge fulfills your love if you make a wish near the center part of it, so the bridge has become a popular sightseeing spot among young ladies and couples. Even if you don’t cross the bridge as a couple, crossing the bridge with someone you like allows you to share a thrilling experience and wonderful scenery which may deepen your connection and relationship with your partner. Enjoy the lake that turns cobalt green or turquoise blue and ask the person you like to visit the Dream Suspension Bridge together to wish for fulfillment of your love.  


Rules to Adhere to When Crossing the Bridge

In order for the visitors to be able to cross the Dream Suspension Bridge safely, the sign placed by the bridge states that the bridge can hold up to 10 people and it would be dangerous to cross the bridge with 11 or more people so please take note of that. During long vacations such as Golden Week Holidays and the autumn foliage season when the number of visitors increases, people line up in front of the Dream Suspension Bridge due to the limit on the number of people that can cross the bridge at one time. It is usually a one-way bridge so there’s no going back once you have stepped onto the bridge. If you don’t have confidence to cross the bridge until the end, then take a detour using the “Hiryu Bridge” to get to the opposite shore.



The promenade leading to the “Dream Suspension Bridge” is called “Sumata Gorge Promenade Course” and you can find the entrance by going a little bit up on a gentle slope from “Sumata Gorge Hot Spring” of the hot spring town. There are two hiking courses prepared in the area but the most popular one would be the “Sumata Gorge Promenade Course” which includes a visit to the “Dream Suspension Bridge”. The course takes one and a half hours to two hours so it would be a good idea to aim for the “Dream Suspension Bridge” on your hike while enjoying the vast nature of the seasons.


The “Dream Suspension Bridge” is built over the Sumata Gorge Oma Dam Lake which is surrounded with nature as far as you can see. Especially in the seasons of fresh greens and autumn foliage, it becomes the best location so take pictures from various angles to capture your favorite scenery. Since it’s a suspension bridge, it’s thrilling to some extent but the wire handrail placed on both side of the bridge will give you the reassurance you need to cross the bridge. Don’t forget to make a wish for the fulfillment of your love after you enjoyed the majestic view from the center of the bridge and the beautiful scenery across the lake surface. Information: Map

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