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I Tried the Sake-Flavored Kit Kats!

Sake-flavored Kit Kats went on sale in Japan on Feb. 1, 2016. There are lots of people saying things like “What on earth do they taste like?” “I can’t imagine how they’d taste!” so I went and tried them for myself.

I went to the convenience store and voila! There were the sake-flavored Kit Kats. They cost 162 yen–including tax–for a 3-pack.

The packaging is very Japanese. “Sake” is written like with a calligraphy brush and it looks like a bottle of sake with a sakura pattern.

On the bottom left it shows the alcohol content, which is 0.8%.

And there’s space on the back for you to write a message. It looks like it’s for when you use this as a present.

The opened box looks very nice. It seems you could keep it for your collection.

The individual sleeve packaging is also very pretty and tastefully done.

When you open each wrapper, the gentle, sweet smell of sake wafts out. It’s coated in white chocolate. You’ll enjoy wondering how they managed to reproduce the subtle flavor of sake.

Sake powder is sandwiched between the wafers inside the white chocolate. When I tried it, I was left more with an impression of the delicious white chocolate, rather than the sake taste like I imagined. But, after a little time passed, the aftertaste definitely was that of Japanese sake.


Matcha Kit Kats are a very famous and popular Japanese souvenir, but it’s fun wondering how far sake Kit Kats will get toward that level of popularity. Be sure to grab sake Kit Kats—and other varieties—as souvenirs for your Japan trip!

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