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6 Things to Do in Tokyo: The Best Owl Cafes

The fervor behind cat cafes is dying down but what’s the next animal café boom? That’s right—owl cafes! At first glance they’re scary, like they’re about to bite or claw you, but don’t worry because the owls in these owl cafes are used to humans. Unlike cats, it’s rare to see owls in your daily lives, which is why so many people are coming to these spots to see these cute, fluffy guys.

Tip: Hold their cord firmly when they’re on your arm or shoulder and they won’t act up.


1. Fukuro no Mise


Opened in 2012, this store is said to be the first owl café. They have both owls that will perch on your arms or shoulders, as well as these cute little guys who will perch on your hands. The Tsukishima region is famous for monja-yaki so pick some up on your way back!

Information: Tsukishima station, Map
Official Website:


2. Ikefukuro Café & Dining Attack

The owner’s a fan of Attack on Titan so the owls are named after Attack on Titan characters like “Eren” and “Mikasa.” It’d be fun to see if their personalities match their names!

Information: Ikebukuro station, Map
Official Website:


3. Fukuro Café Mofumofu

Shinjuku’s first owl café. It’s easy to access and has recently been on TV and newspapers in Japan so it’s growing in popularity. A must go!

Information: Shinjuku station, Map
Official Website:


4. Owl no Mori

As you’ll know if you look at their official Facebook page, this shop gets a lot of foreign visitors. It’s very busy so the maximum time you can stay is 1 hour. It’s unfortunate but they’re highly rated, making this place worth a little wait.

Information: Akihabara station, Map
Official Website:


5. Akiba Fukurou

It’s calmer than the other owl cafes with an aim at being therapeutic. We’d recommend this place for people wanting to spend a more relaxed time with the owls. But be aware, this place is by reservation only.

Information: Akihabara station, Map
Official Website:


6. Fukuro no Shiro

Their owl, Bolt, was getting a lot of attention for a while on Twitter in Japan. He looks like a crushed manju bun! They say aside from baby owls, owls normally sleep while standing, but Bolt-kun still sleeps in this duck position even as an adult.

Information: Harajuku station, Map
Official Website:


Owl cafes aren’t just in Tokyo, they’re gradually increasing across the country, beginning with places like Osaka and Fukuoka. If you’ve never seen an owl before, you should check these places out. It’d be great to meet Bolt-kun!

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