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Shinjuku 8bit Cafe: A Bar with All kinds of 80s Retro Games

Games nowadays are so realistic, you can play with friends all over the world online, and they’re loved by the youth. However, we mustn’t forget that the games we have today come from the foundation built by past games. And there are a lot of adults who love video games, too. Today, we’ll be telling you about the 8bit Café, which is a café-bar focused on adults who yearn for their retro games. 

The 8bit Café is on the 5th floor of a building in Shinjuku. There’s no elevator, which means climbing the stairs to the 5th floor to this sign.


Inside they have nostalgic 8bit video game music playing and it’s overflowing with game-related items. It makes your heart quicken right away.


Take a look around before you take your seat and you’ll spot this enormous Gameboy.

They also have lots of old game consoles and related goods, plus anime figurines.


Representing the retro game consoles are the AV Famicom and Super Famicom which, of course, you can play.


They have a lot of games available too, everything from those you loved to premium ones. Perhaps you’ll find one that you remember playing as a kid.

They have Gameboys too. That Color Gameboy takes me back!

Drink coasters

They’re open until 5am the next morning on Fridays and Saturdays so it’s alright to drink until morning, and you can use them as a party venue. Also, they’ve hosted rare DJ events using 8bit game music, although not as a regular thing, so you might go on an event day too. This was a game café bar I enjoyed and the nostalgia and 8bit game music really brought me back.

Information: Map
Sun~Thur 18:00-midnight, Fri & Sat 18:00-5:00am, Closed: Tuesdays
Nearest station: Toei Shinjuku Line – Shinjuku Sanchome Station C5 Exit

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