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Akiba Cart: Glide through the Heart of Tokyo with Real Mario Kart

Have you ever seen Mario Kart on the streets while sightseeing in Tokyo? Today we’ll be talking about real Mario Kart, which is especially getting a lot of attention among international tourists. Let’s go to the world of Mario Kart!


What is Akiba Cart?

It’s Japan’s first mini sports car experience where you can run through the streets without needing helmets or seat belts. All you need is a regular driver’s license (foreign visitors will need an international license and a copy of their passport).

The vehicle is lower down than a car and they even get up to 50km/h so there is a sense of racing car-ness to them. Also, they bring a real newness to the townscape you’re used to seeing.


How can you use them?

  • Solo (Time Attack)
  • Group (Grand Prix Cup Race)
  • Going between sightseeing spots (if you discuss it with them, you can go anywhere in Japan)
  • For filming corporate or event promotions (Upload to Youtube)
  • For surprises (Like a friend’s birthday) etc.


The real experience


Everyone’s so excited, they’re dressed up like Toad, Princess Peach, and Yoshi.


Huh? Are they waiting for a Mario Kart boost start!?

Girls have a lot of fun too. The right is the accelerator and the left is the break. You use both feet.

You can even get to Akihabara Station like this!

Too many Marios! lol

Waiting for the light at the Shibuya scramble intersection. So many people are watching~

Hehehe, they’re doing real Mario Kart right now.


Yeah, so awesome!


You can go, naturally, to Akihabara where it’s located, as well as even Asakusa and the Sky Tree if you’d like. It’d be good to reserve them for the day and take them a little farther. They’re small but make sure you stand out with your cart. Enjoy the best way to sightsee in Japan! Information: Map

For details and booking click here→Experience the Akiba Cart!

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