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Oedo Onsen Hot Springs: Steps to Bathing and How to Enjoy

There are numerous onsen (hot springs) locations throughout Japan. In the heart of Tokyo, there is an easily accessible and enjoyable onsen theme park. This article, in a 2-part series will introduce this particular location which will let you feel like you have time traveled into the cityscape of the Edo Period (1603-1868).


About the Oedo Onsen Monogatari



Oedo Onsen Monogatari (The Great Edo Hot Springs Story), is a hot springs theme park located in Koto ward of Tokyo. It was opened in 2003, which marks 400 years after the end of the Edo government. At the time, it was the first onsen theme park in Japan. As a famous spot in Odaiba, it is still a popular place today among old and young people alike.


STEP 1: The Checkpoint (Entrance)

Here at the Oedo Onsen Monogatari, they use a Tsuko-Tegata (a pass that was needed at checkpoints during the Edo period) as a ticket for entrance. The tsuko-tegata that is handed to you when you check in can be used to make payments for food etc while you are in the park so you will not have to carry around your wallet or other valuables. When you check out of the park, they will check your tsuko-tegata and pay for whatever you purchased during your stay. 

STEP 2: Choose your yukata (Summer kimono)


To get the full Edo experience, within the building, everyone wears the yukata robe they provide. They have various Japanese style prints such as sumo and ukiyoe paintings for you to choose from.

STEP 3: The Cityscape of Edo (Hirokoji-Avenue)

A broad avenue with a fire lookout

Change into the yukata of your choice in the changing room and proceed to the back. You will see that the city of Edo spreads ahead. There is a lot of hustle and bustle as if a festival was going on back in the day. This is sure to elevate your mood and excitement level.

STEP 4: Many Shops (Hirokoji- Avenue)

A game of Super Ball Sukui (scooping up the bouncy ball),

The Anime Section,


In the wide street area there are many stores. There are many games such as throwing the ninja star, ninja blowpipe dart, super-ball sukui (scooping the bouncy ball) that even adults can enjoy. Other than such traditional games, there are other Anime collaboration events, the newest games, candy shops, izakaya bars, cafes, ramen stores and other restaurants too. You can also shop for souvenirs at promenade area and it will be a place that you can enjoy before and after the bath. Information: Map

After this, in the sequel, we introduce the main event of the place, bathing and post bathing: Oedo Onsen Hot Springs: From Bathing, Overnight Stay, to Exit

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