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Air Bonsai: A New Type of Interior Decoration Fused with Tradition

Deep within the pure silence of bonsai, the viewer senses an incredible power. Given this, there are a great number of people across the world who’ve been spellbound by the charms of these perfectly tended plants-in-miniature. In fact, a brand new development in this field called “air bonsai” has already begun in modern Japan. Giving a peculiar feeling like a glimpse into the near future, air bonsai has become quite a hot topic recently, perhaps also owing to a startling resemblance to the floating ruins seen in Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli film “Castle in the Sky.” Formalization of this new style of bonsai for access by everyone is not far off, it seems.

The team in charge of pushing for these revolutionary works is a group of Japanese people headquartered in Kyushu. Somehow, you have to fight not to believe they’ve used levitation stones to make these bonsai float.

Constructed of a moss ball called “Little Star” and a foundation called “Energy Base,” air bonsai is kept afloat by magnetic opposition within the parts, which hold the bonsai steady at a height of around 2 cm even as they cause it to spin slowly around a full 360° rotation.

The whole ensemble is much better balanced that you’d ever imagine.

As both the Energy Base and Little Star components can be customized, you’re given free rein in how you play and decorate with it. It’s a fascinating tool for open expression of your design individuality. Of course, air bonsai still has full bonsai functionality, so it’s a good idea to water the plant growth floating above!

Don’t you find yourself suddenly thinking of all the ways air bonsai could bring a little je ne sais quoi to a room?

Air bonsai goes far beyond regular old interior decorating and enters into the realm of decorating for a magician’s abode! Honestly, we kind of want one around the office now ourselves.

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