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Souvenirs: Recommended Stores in Tokyo for Cute Made-in-Japan Socks

For some reason, made-in-Japan socks are popular amongst women as souvenirs of Japan travel. The reason perhaps is the extremely wide variety and their cuteness. Today, we would like to introduce you to some recommended stores for those of you who would like to purchase Japan-made socks as souvenirs. It is located right by Shibuya Station in Tokyo so it’s easily accessible as well.


History of Japanese Socks

Loose Socks

It is a droopy legwarmer-like sock that was popular in the 1990s amongst mainly high school girls. At the time, this was representative of the Gal-style fashion.

Socks with Separated Toes

Later, a style of socks with separated toes became widely popular. Because the toes are separated similar to gloves, it helps to prevent sweat and odor. It is also very comfortable. It could be because Japanese have a traditional type of socks called tabi that we were able to come up with the idea of the 5-toed socks. 

Nowadays, there are 5-toed socks with cute embroidery adorning each toe. It seems that the Japanese seek fashion in socks as well.


A si poste

Given such a historical background, there is a store that is full of fashionable cute socks. It is a socks specialty store A si poste, located right next to Shibuya 109. This is the store we want to recommend to you today.

In the store, there are colorful socks with anime characters…

Socks with a guardian Maneki-neko Cat for your personal protection…

Socks with images of kabuki, ninja, sumo and Japanese lettering…

Socks with curry, tea, tai-yaki red bean cakes, and other food items…

Socks that have collars as if they were clothes…

Kyoto Maiko socks with prints that make you think they are kimono. There are too many cute socks that you can’t keep track.


Location-wise it is in a place where anyone can easily stop by, so do go and have a fun. It should be Super fun! Information: Map

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