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Tire Park: A Unique Tourist Destination with a Huge Godzilla

In a residential area of Tokyo, there is a very eco-friendly park. The unique spot that provides enjoyment to many people and particularly to families on their days off is…


What is the Tire Park?


It is a park that is located in Ota Ward of Tokyo. Its formal name is Nishirokugo Park. Since it opened in 1969, it has remained a fun park for over 40 years for the local people as well as for those who gather from afar. When it first opened, even overseas media picked up on its uniqueness. As it got coverage in many countries, it has become a secret tourist spot for international tourists.


Inside the park there are playground equipment utilizing about 3,000 old tires – very eco-minded. Additionally, the resiliency of the tires acts as a cushion helping to prevent injuries for the children. A safe environment where the children can have fun is an added bonus of this park.


Playground Equipment that Reuses Old Tires

Double Tire Godzilla,

In the Tire Park there are various monuments. Among them, the one that stands out the most is the tire Godzilla (?). It is 8 meters in height, and from head to tail, it has a length of 20 meters. The dynamism it exudes of a 3 story building is very popular with the kids.

Tire Robot

Wide Slide,


The Japanese Word: Mottainai /Regretting Wastefulness



The Tire Park can almost be called a theme park in itself. In Japanese, there is a word “mottainai” which expresses regret for waste. The national characteristic of Japanese who have trouble getting rid of things may be the message being conveyed from this park. Information: Map

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