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Kojima Jeans: Shining Japan Blue All Made in Japan

Kojima Jeans are a made in Japan denim known by those in the know. Its quality has been held in high regard both domestically and globally. So much so that there are overseas premium brands that buy fabrics from Kojima and request product development support.


History of Kojima Jeans

Have you heard that Okayama prefecture is known for the Momotaro (the peach boy) folk tale? The Kojima district, located in Kurashiki of Okayama prefecture has been known as a city of textiles during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). Leveraging this technology, Kojima was the first place in Japan to manufacture denim. This was in 1960. Now, the area is well-known as a “Holy Place for Denim Jeans”.    


The Virtues of Kojima Jeans


The appeal of Kojima Jeans are the high quality that comes from using traditional Japanese technology. The main price point is a bit expensive at 10,000 yen to 25,000 yen per pair, but wouldn’t you want to own at least a pair of the best denim? If so, then Kojima jeans are your perfect choice. There is also some rare vintage denim with a few pairs in existence all around the world. These cost several million yen. It is said that these are in the best condition for denim that is over 100 years ago. As you can see, in Kojima, there are many treasures that collectors would die for.


The Secret of Kojima Jeans: Indigo Dying


How can they make such high quality jeans? One of the secrets is the dying technique of indigo dying called “aizome”. This method was widely used during the Edo Period (1603-1868). The material is soaked in a dye that is made from fermented dyer’s knotweed, wrung, oxidized to fix the color. By repeating this over and over, the color becomes deeper and deeper. Thus, the fabric dyed using this indigo dying technique is resistant to fading of color and lasts for a long time. 

Also, the blue of the indigo dye is called Japan blue or Kojima blue around the world. It is a very popular color. Sometimes, the color of the uniform for Japan’s national soccer team and the blue in Ukiyo-e paintings of Utagawa Hiroshige and Katsushika Hokusai are also referred by this name.


Kojima Jeans Street

So, for those of you who want a pair of Kojima denim, where should you go? Head to Kojima Jeans Street! Kojima Jeans Street is a street that is about 400 meters long, with about 30 denim stores. Other than making purchases, you will be able to see detailed information such as the history of denim in Japan, materials, structure and processing methods.


Kojima Jeans Street is the only place in Japan where a foreign born product like denim, fits in so well with the cityscape.

Jeans Taxi,

Jeans Buses,

The place is also covered in terms of touristy elements such as Jeans Taxi, with the body of the car coated in denim or Jeans Buses with the interior upholstered in denim.

Map of Jeans Street

Recommended stores in the Jeans Street are Momotaro Jeans and JAPAN BLUE JEANS. These stores are sister stores of one another. Momotaro Jeans is tough style denim with the top technology of the best craftsman. JAPAN BLUE JEANS has a store that feels like there’s a stylish and pop element added on to that. Information: Map


Kojima Jeans’ designs look simple in appearance. However, because there is a lot of time spent on creating the fabric, it could be said that the fabric itself is the design. Kojima Jeans filled with the passion and soul of craftsmen who do not cut any corners. It’s one item that we can proudly introduce as Japan Made.

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