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Shimonada Station: A Scenic Spot Visited by the Setting Sun

Welcome to our series of picturesque locations in Japan! Today is about sightseeing in Shikoku. So what’s a place that’s used for filming in Japanese dramas? Photo:


About Shimonada Station



This is 1 station on the JR Shikoku Yosan Line in Ehime Prefecture. The scenery here of the ocean stretching out before your eyes from the station platform is amazing! This station is naturally visited by train fans, but it also gets a lot of regular visitors too. The station itself is unmanned and the average number of people who get on and off are about several dozen a day. There’s also only about 10 services a day. That’s like one passing through every 1 to 1.5 hours.


The area between the platform and the ocean is affectionately known as the Yuyake Koyake Line, or the Sunset Line (National Highway Route 378). Previously there wasn’t this road and waves would break directly under the platform, making it the station with the closest distance between the rail line and sea in Japan. However, a road was built to fill out the beach so now the closest station to the sea in Japan is Omigawa Station in Niigata.


Works that Shimonada Station has Appeared In

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  • Otoko wa Tsurai yo! (TV drama)
  • HERO starring Takuya Kimura (TV drama)
  • Beyond the Boundary (Anime)
  • Neko Monogatari (Black) (Anime)

Beyond the Boundary

Neko Monogatari (Black)

This picturesque sight has been featured in all kinds of works. There’s even some commercials that have used it.


Best Way to Get to Shimonada Station


Take the special sightseeing train, the “Iyonada Monogatari”. It only runs on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and there’s only 4 trains per day, but it’ll let you experience a spectacular trip. Create a wonderful page of your travels while enjoying your bento on the train.

Also, if you’re going to use this train on your way back from Shimonada Station, then you should stop by Dogo Onsen while en route. This will without a doubt be a great plan for you!


Have you ever been unable to resist getting off the train at a certain stop? Shimonada may be the first station where you’ll experience this. Watching the setting sun with a special someone would be very romantic. But even if you’re traveling alone, the next train won’t come for another hour so you may meet many others just like you who have come to see this station. Information: Map

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