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Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Exhibit: Amassing 12 Life-Sized Soldiers

The manga serialization in Shonen Jump started Dec. 1985. It grew to anime, figurines and was a record-smashing hit, creating a huge boom. It was called Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac). Its popularity doesn’t stop in Japan and now there are fans all over the world. It’s finally coming up on its 30th anniversary so it’s been decided to hold an exhibit commemorating it in June 2016 at Akihabara UDX in Tokyo.


Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Exhibit, Complete Works of Saint Seiya


The exhibit will have every item related to the work like cels, animations, figurines, et cetera. The plan is for it to be the first historically complete event for Saint Seiya.


The 12 Zodiacs

As one special feature, there will be an exhibit of 12 life-sized statues of the Gold Saints. The Gold Saints are the highest-ranking Saints, tasked with guarding the temples called the 12 Zodiacs. They’re especially popular characters.


There’s no question that this’ll be one event that cannot be missed for Saint Seiya fans. Information: Map

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