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Tsunoshima Ohashi: Japan’s No. 1 Bridge for Enjoying Magnificent Views

One place you have drive across at least once is the Tsunoshima Bridge. Today we’ll be talking about the highlights of this bridge—called the best in Japan—and the surrounding area.


What is the Tsunoshima Bridge?


This bridge, opened in 2000, connects between Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Shimonoseki city and the Tsunoshima Island. It’s one of Japan’s most picturesque spots and was ranked 3rd in the world in the best seller “Shinu made ni Ikitai! Sekai no Zekkei (Places to go before you die! Picturesque World Views)”. It’s the second longest in Japan at 1,780m and toll-free. It’s like a work of art; the gentle arc that goes around Hatoshima , an island that floats in between, feels like it was drawn. It’s used often in Japanese commercials or shooting locations for TV dramas and it’s especially famous for car commercials (Lexus, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Swift, etc.).



#1 Cutting Across

Tsunoshima Bridge stretches directly across to Tsunoshima where several hundred people live on this island in the Sea of Japan. The ocean beautifully sparkles in emerald green. You don’t have to use a car, you can also ride a bike or walk across and we quite recommend feeling the sea breeze as you cycle or walk.

#2 Night View

Tsunoshima Bridge with the lights on.

#3 Amagase Park

Amagase Park, located at the entrance of Tsunoshima Bridge.

Amagase Park is the perfect place for panoramas of Tsunoshima Bridge. You can capture incredibly mystical photographs that feel like you’re not in Japan.

#4 Shiokaze Cobalt Blue Beach

There’s also a plethora of tourist spots on the outskirts of Tsunoshima. Here is a famous spot where many —even those from other prefectures—come in the summer to enjoy the beach and swim. In other seasons there are also people who come for water sports. Ahhh, it looks so nice~

#5 Fresh Shiokaze no Sato

You can enjoy fresh seafood caught on location next to Shiokaze Cobalt Blue Beach.

Shiokaze Gozen,

Wakame Ice Cream,

This restaurant has a store inside where you can buy special goods and souvenirs, making it one place you ought to visit.

#6 Tsunoshima Bridge Swimming Beach


At this swimming beach adjoining the camp grounds there’s also the Tsunoshima Shizenkan(Nature Museum) nearby.


Tsunoshima is a very small island; you can get to many places without a lot of traveling. It feels like a resort where you can slow down and unwind. So there you have it, a recommended tourist spot in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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