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One Punch Man: Arbitrarily Top 5 Strongest

One-Punch Man (known as Wanpanman in Japan) is becoming increasingly popular with even a TV anime show. There are still many mysteries as the story continues but we’ve put together a ranking of strongest characters for at this current point in time.
*We’re purposefully vague to avoid spoilers.


Who is Wanpanman?

He started in 2009 as an online manga serial. It’s a comedy action manga with the main character, Saitama, defeating every enemy with one punch. Saitama’s invincible strength is what makes it so popular. As well as the enormous battle scenes. Work is split between the author (ONE) and the artist (Yusuke Murata), and Yusuke Murata’s amazing artwork is a major driving force for its popularity.

We have a feeling it’s caught on in popularity more from overseas than in Japan and there are many who say that audience response this big has not been seen since Attack on Titan. There’s also a lot of original artwork online of Saitama easily defeating other superheroes like Superman, Iron Man, Batman, etc.


Top 5 Strongest Characters According to GJ

This is a totally arbitrary ranking of just our opinions. Some of them haven’t actually fought and so it’s complete speculation. This likely varies by the individual so, if you have any thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below!

5. Kuroi Seishi


4. Tatsumaki


3. Garou


2. Boros


1. Saitama


The first season of the anime just ended in December 2015, but many are clamoring for a second season. If you’ve not yet seen it and you’re interested, go and watch the first season!

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