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Mario Land: A Quality Lodging That is Super Mario Themed

Yes, that is indeed an all Super Mario themed facility in Meguro, Tokyo. It’s nicknamed the Mario House, and it’s listed on the famous website Airbnb, which has leapt to sudden fame for connecting backpackers with cheap accommodations. The interior design will make you want to stay even if you don’t like Mario…

When you enter the room, you’ll see that everything is Mario! In the living room there’s a big sofa that turns into a bed.

Am I the only one who wants to see if a mushroom will come out of the block that’s hanging from the ceiling?

Naturally, the game is all set up for you to enjoy without bringing your own.

There are 5 types of game consoles available: Super NES, Famicon, Gameboy, Genesis and Megadrive. And many rare games, too.

There is a level of detail that will surely thrill you. You can have the best play experience like never before!

Detailed even down to this part. It’ll have you grinning.

Geeeeez, it’s really detailed. From the cooking to the laundry, there’s no escaping Mario.

In one of the two bedrooms is the Princess Peach Room. Great fun for even girls to stay.

Who do you want to play? It seems like Toad’s left the room today :)


This lodging in Tokyo’s Meguro district is 9,000 yen/night. Up to 5 people can stay at the same time, which is perfect for hosting a gaming session with your friends. The reviews are pretty positive too so you’ll surely have fun. We officially recommend this place! Information: Airbnb

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