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Okunoshima Rabbit Island: A Paradise to Visit at Least Once

Rabbit Island, in Japan, has become very popular in recent years. This island, whose rabbit population is way larger than that of humans, has become a sightseeing spot that all lovers of cute animals would love to visit at least once.


What is Rabbit Island?

Rabbit Island is an alternative name for Okunoshima Island, a small island in Hiroshima prefecture with a perimeter of 4.3 kilometers located in the Inland Sea of Japan. It is called “Rabbit Island” because hundreds of rabbits live in it. Originally, these were just 8 rabbits that were being kept in an elementary school, but they were set free, went wild, and bred until they reached the current numbers. The island has now become very famous, to the point that people from all over the world come to visit after hearing its story.


How to get to Rabbit Island?

Get on the ferry at the Tadanoumi Port, right next to Tadanoumi Station, and you will arrive in Rabbit Island in about 12 minutes.
Be sure to buy the pellets for the rabbits at the place where you will board the ferry.


Once you set feet on the island, you will immediately be surrounded by fluffy rabbits. They will run up to you claiming to be hungry and asking you for food.


Where to find the rabbits

The square in front of the Kyukamura Hotel

There are many rabbits in the island, but most of them live mainly in the southern part of it. Among those, most of them live in the square in front of the Kyukamura Hotel.


There are all kinds of rabbits: big rabbits and small rabbits, brown rabbits, black rabbits, white rabbits, etc. This is where you should bring out the food!


Needless to say, rabbits are all over the island and not only in front of the Kyukamura Hotel square, so strolling about this small island is a lot of fun. Here you can observe the rabbits in their most natural habitat and expressions, which are really cute.


Things to keep in mind

A leveret about the size of an apple

Rabbits hate being touched too much. Picking them up is not a good idea.

Foods that you can give them

  • Pellets
  • Grass
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Spinach
  • Apples (and the like)

Do not give them too much food, even if it is something that they can eat. Giving them too much food prevents them from eating natural grass, which is the best thing that they can have.

Foods that you should not give them

  • Allium (Onions and the like)
  • Processed food for humans (Bread, snacks, soda, etc)
  • Tubers and roots

As a rule, only give the rabbits the kinds of foods listed under “foods that you can give them.” If you want to give them something else, please check with the person in charge in advance.


Okunoshima Island is a rabbit paradise overflowing with cute rabbits.  And the island is not only about the rabbits – it offers many other options to have fun such as campgrounds, beaches, and tennis courts, among others. You can enjoy a resort mood here, so be sure to consider it as a possible plan for your trip to Japan! Information: Map

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