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5 Things to Do in Tokyo: The Best Kawaii Cafes

We talked about Tokyo’s anime cafes earlier, but today we’ll be discussing their Kawaii Cafes. Naturally, they’ve paid special attention to everything from the atmosphere inside and their characters down to their cute desserts. Lovers of kawaii, assemble!


1. PomPomPurin Cafe (Harajuku)



PomPomPurin, the Sanrio character who loves purin (pudding). The yellow interior makes it feel like you’ve been invited into his room. Information: Map


2. Moomin House Cafe (Tokyo Solamachi)



Moomin comes from Finland but he’s also in Japan. Finnish people will likely enjoy their Moomin experience in Japan! Information: Map


3. Alice in Wonderland Cafe (Shinjuku)



Inside the store it feels like you’ve fallen into Wonderland. The menu is more French and Italian cuisine than Japanese, but it’s perfect for a girls’ night out to get a taste of the full princess experience. Information: Map


4. My Melody Dream Cafe (Tama)

This cafe focusing on the Sanrio character, My Melody, opened inside Sanrio Puroland in Tama City in 2015 for the 40th anniversary of the character. The main color, pink, is sure to strike a chord with girls. It’s open only until 1/12/2016 but we’re introducing it here becuase it’s popular so they’ve said there is a possibility of extending the time or reopening. Stay tuned for more news on this! Information: Map


5. Kawaii Monster Cafe (Shibuya)

Monster girls

Open since 8/1/2015 with a colorful design that screams Harajuku! They say the interior was built with the image of being inside the belly of a monster. They’ve got pasta and cakes in Harajuku colors too. The staff are multilingual so you won’t have any trouble. C’mon down, Harajuku Girls! Information: Map

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