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Kojo-moe’s Factory Aesthetics in 7 Industrial Nightscapes

Left from the limelight for almost all of their comparatively short histories, the industrial zones of Japan have in recent years enjoyed attention coming in from a new perspective. We’re going to show you seven industrial areas where you can enjoy mechanical landscapes that’ll draw you into a realm of science fiction visuals. Ref:


What is Kōjō-moe


Kōjō-moe is an affectionate way of referring to the appreciation of industrial scenery. Unlike the motives found in the far more common industrial study tours, the sightseeing aspect of kōjō-moe is at the forefront. It’s premised on the awe-inspiring sight created when night lighting illuminates the complex blend of industrial elements presented by machinery and structures like cranes, storage tanks, and smokestacks. This innovative viewpoint allows for beauty to be discovered in industrial sites, and you might expect that most fans would be male, there are actually a huge number of female fans.


Our Kōjō-moe Pick of 7

1. Kawasaki, Kanagawa


2. Muroran, Hokkaido


3. Yokkaichi, Mie


4. Shunan, Yamaguchi


5. Kitakyushu, Fukuoka


6. Himeji, Hyogo


7. Fuji, Shizuoka

A Backdrop of Mount Fuji

It’s hard to believe these landscapes are operational factory locations, isn’t it? Probably the most notable example is Kawasaki in Kanagawa, where roofed pleasure boats and cruise ships sail to appreciate the many sites here, which include Tōnen General Oil, the Kawasaki Natural Gas turbines, and Tōa Oil. When planning your trip to Japan’s capital region, be sure to consider a ticket to see these stirring and modern landscapes from the waters of the canal.

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