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Kamo Aquarium: A Magical Visit to the World’s Greatest Jellyfish Aquarium

You will only find one aquarium in all of Yamagata prefecture, and there was a time the prefecture’s sole aquarium very nearly had to be closed owing to a lack of visitors. However, the Kamo Aquarium was saved from bankruptcy by a single jellyfish, and nowadays the number of annual visitors only increases each year. In fact, it has become such a popular destination that locals have a difficult time getting around during the holidays owing to the waves of visitors pouring in from across the country.


About the Kamo Aquarium


Kamo Aquarium, built facing the Sea of Japan


The aquarium’s building is done in a gorgeous yet simple style, having just opened after renovations on June 1, 2014. Jellyfish play the starring role here, and the 50+ species on exhibition have earned the aquarium an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. The lifespan of jellyfish is quite short, ranging from a few months to a half year, so caring for them takes tremendous work and considerable breadth of expertise as well as trial and error.


Benefits of Jellyfish Appreciation


As a living creature, the jellyfish is said to date back almost 600 million years, making it a truly ancient example of an early life form In recent years, it has also been scientifically demonstrated that watching the drifting flow of jellyfish has a soothing effect.


Jellyfish Dream Theater


The main highlight of Kamo Aquarium is inarguably the Jellyfish Dream Theater. Entering the facility, you’ll pass by the freshwater then the saltwater fish displays before entering the jellyfish section, where a massive circular tank waits to fill your vision. At five meters in diameter, this tank is one of the largest of its type in the world, and it is home to around ten thousand jellyfish. Taking in the sight of this tank, cast in pale blue light, you’ll feel as if you were whisked away to another world.


A Variety of Jellyfish Within the Facility




Jellyfish Restaurant

If you take a trip to Kamo Aquarium, you’ll be able to enjoy jellyfish with more than just your eyes. The facility offers an exhaustive selection of all things jellyfish: jellyfish cuisine, jellyfish goods and apparel, and even jellyfish souvenirs. Particularly popular among this selection are…

1. Jellyfish Ramen


2. Jellyfish Ice Cream


Kamo Aquarium really lets you appreciate everything jellyfish have to offer, from their gorgeous visuals to their unique flavor and texture. We definitely hope you head out to experience this world-class attraction. Also, by going out to Kamo Aquarium, you’ll be able to savor the atmosphere of the Japanese countryside, completely different from the urban sophistication of Tokyo and sure to add a colorful accent to your travels. Information: Map

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