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Hiroshima Cat Street View: A Cat’s-eye View of Onomichi

Hiroshima Prefecture is home to two different World Heritage Sites: the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Itsukushima Shrine. In some ways, however, these two sites are almost too famous, and Hiroshima is working to find ways to get visitors to the more-neglected destinations of the prefecture. One way they’ve thought to tackle this problem is with the world’s very first Cat Street View. Let’s take a look! Ref: Photo


Onomichi, a City of Hiroshima Prefecture


Onomichi is famous for two things: its cats and its slopes. Among its labyrinthine hillside alleyways stroll over 100 ownerless cats, living freely and winning the hearts of visitors and locals alike. Onomichi is also a port city, and its seaside landscapes are often used for on-location filming.

Neko no Hosomichi


Also of note is the Cat Trail, an alleyway of stone staircases and a veritable thoroughfare for the local cats, which makes it much-visited and much-loved by cat enthusiasts. While there, be sure to keep an eye out for the lucky cat stones, as well!


What is the Cat Street View?

The Cat Street View is a project that got its start with a desire to have the considerable charms of Onomichi known more widely. The project differs from its namesake, Google Street View, in two major ways. Firstly, the views focus on local tourism attractions, and secondly (and most importantly), you get to see from the perspective of a cat.

Official Website:

When you first open the website, you’ll find yourself in the Onomichi’s shopping district. This is the beginning of your virtual tour! From here, you’ll see the world from a cat’s-eye view as you wander the byways and back alleys of the city, even leaping up to the rooftops on occasion. There’s also a mini-game to play as well. While you stroll along at whisker height, you’ll come across cats with little cat-head markers above them. Click on these mark and try to tally them all! Last time we checked, there were a total of 95 cats (according to the count displayed at the bottom right) hidden throughout the street view.

What a fascinating project, don’t you think? For those who find their curiosity piqued, use your cat-quest as way to do some prep for a trip to Onomichi!

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