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7 Things to Do in Tokyo: The Best Anime Cafes

We’ve picked anime concept cafes out from all the many cafes in Tokyo. These places don’t just sell souvenirs, they have unique menu items and store atmosphere that express the worlds of each anime. Which one catches your eye?


1. One Piece Restaurant: Baratie


Sanji was an apprentice cook from the maritime restaurant Baratie. Sanji and “Red Foot” Zeff greet you.

Devil Fruit: Apple Custard Cream Tart

Eat the Devil Fruit and maybe… just maybe… you’ll gain a power from it?? Information: Map

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2. Kitaro Chaya


From GeGeGe no Kitaro, Japan’s original ghost story manga. Atop the roof is Kitaro’s signature move, giant remote controlled geta.

Medama-oyaji Yaki Dango

You get a taste of the atmosphere from GeGeGe no Kitaro’s origins, Mizuki Shigeru Road in Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture. For those whose interest is sparked in Tokyo, go to the real place! It’s even more amazing. Information: Map

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3. Gintama Cafe: Characro


From the wildly popular show Gintama.

Eternal Rivals Ice Plate

They’re fighting even as food… lol Information: Map


4. Kamen Rider The Diner

From the original action anime, Kamen Rider. There are so many goods inside for fans, like life-sized Kamen Riders and Rider figurines from the succeeding generations. You can even rent a Henshin (Transformation) Belt.

Matcha Ice Cream Soda,

Looks good, the Pocky as antennae are a nice touch. Information: Map


5. Gundam Cafe

You all know of the Gundam Cafe, I’m sure. It’s the pioneer of Japan’s anime cafes.

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6. Sazae-san Chaya


When you ask about Sunday TV anime in Japan, what comes to mind are Chibimaruko-chan and Sazae-san. It’s straight down from the Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo Solamachi.

Sazae-san Yaki (Monja flavor for a limited time only),

You may think it’s taiyaki but inside isn’t anko (sweet red bean) but rather monjayaki. Information: Map


7. Gudetama Cafe


From the very popular character, Gudetama. Gudetama Café was only opened for a limited time so you can’t go there now. However, it seems that it will reopen soon because of its enormous popularity. Stay tuned for details!

Gudesen (Ebisen – shrimp chips)

Gudemusubi (thick slices of egg and spam)

Even as food they look soooooooo lazy


Any of these cafes will be sure to satisfy you so don’t forget to add them on your list of things to do in Tokyo!

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