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Which to Try? 31 Snacks that are Japan’s Longtime Favorites

Japanese snack foods are rising in popularity even overseas. We hear the reasons being that they’re good, have a uniquely Japanese taste, there’s a ton of flavors, et cetera. Today we’ve picked popular snacks representing best sellers in Japan that every Japanese person knows. How many have you had? And which do you want to try? Use these as a reference for your souvenir shopping!


1. Pocky


Surely there’s no explanation needed here. A representative chocolate snack is the super popular Pocky.

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2. Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew’s another candy that’s risen to worldwide fame these past years. They’re a candy that melts in your mouth.


3. Umaibo


Umaibo, the king of cheap snacks. The best thing about them is they’ve stayed as cheap as they’ve always been: 10 yen a piece. Another nice thing is the variety of flavors: Walleye roe, cheese, corn potage, natto, beef tongue, takoyaki, etc.


4. Kameda Crisps (Kaki no Tane)

These seem to recently be popular in the US. In Japan they’re loved as a snack that goes well with sake. They’re called by its moniker Kakipi.


5. Curl

The old man on the Curl bag is a mascot that everyone recognizes. The cheese flavor is pretty good.


6. Gari Gari-kun


The king of popsicles at 60 yen a piece. They have a fair number of flavors.


7. Kinoko no Yama



8. Takenoko no Sato

Kinoko no Yama (means mountain of mushrooms) and Takenoko no Sato (means village of bamboo shoots) are a set of recognizable chocolate snacks. A common question to ask is: “Which is your preference?’’ The biscuit for Takenoko no Sato is crunchy and feels like a wafer.


9. Seaweed & Salt Potato Chips

Seaweed is very Japanese, but even non-Japanese people love these.


10. Sudakosan Taro

In Japan, when you think of octopus perhaps you think of takoyaki, sushi toppings and… Sudakosan Taro? This cheap snack has been around forever and feels nostalgic. At 10 yen a piece, they’re an addicting sourness.


11. Pretz

A big hit snack that rivals Pocky.


12. Milky Candy

Peko-chan is recognizable on the well-known Fujiya milky candy. On each and every individual wrapper is an illustration of the cute Peko-chan.


13. Tongari Corn

A corn-shaped snack. It’s good that they have made the triangle hollow.


14. Baby Star Ramen


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15. Sapporo Potato


The classic BBQ flavor and the surprisingly delicious vegetable flavor. They contain 9 kinds of vegetables!


16. Kaju (Fruit Juice) Gummy


It seems Japanese gummies have a good texture and are very fruity.


17. Happy Turn


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18. Pie no Mi

The crispy and flaky double-baked pie crust makes for the greatest chocolate pie.


19. Ottotto

With a fun name: Ottotto (A word with a similar nuance to “oops-a-daisy”)


20. Country Ma’am

A must-have at any party.


21. Jagariko


It seems everyone who comes to Japan for a trip is eating Jagariko.


22. Macadamia Chocolates

The macadamia nuts inside the chocolate make for a great match.


23. Umeshiba

Crunchy umeboshi. It’s easier to eat than regular umeboshi, and it may be sour but it’ll energize you. They sell them for 10 yen a piece at convenience stores so this is a must-buy.


24. Kara Mucho

The first thing to come to mind for spicy snacks is Kara Mucho.


25. Apollo

Strawberry-flavored chocolate. This item’s been around a good while.


26. Glico Caramel


The Glico sign in Osaka’s Dotonbori is famous. This is the first of caramels to come with a toy in its box.


27. Caramel Corn


A sweet snack that might feel new to some of you.


28. Pizza Potato

Pizza-flavored potato chips.


29. Cabbage Taro

A staple for savory cheap snacks. They look like takoyaki.


30. Koala no March

A fun part to these is finding the rare koalas. They say you’ll have good fortune if you find the “Mayuge” (eyebrow) or “Mocho” (appendectomy) koala.


31. Kappa Ebisen

It may only be in Japan that you’ll find shrimp flavoring. I’ve never heard of anyone hating Kappa Ebisen.


You’ll have no problem finding the Japanese snacks shown here today in convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan so try them out!

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