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The Moss-Phloxes Pink Carpet in the Higashi-Mokoto Moss-Phlox Park in Hokkaido

Is there anyone who has missed viewing the cherry-blossoms in 2016? The article, this time, is good news for those people. There is still a place where you can make up for this disappointment. We are introducing the fantasy sightseeing site which you can see in picture books and fairy tales. This is just the right place to go now during the holiday week (Japanese Golden Week) in May.


About the Higashi-Mokoto Moss-Phlox Park



Speaking of Hokkaido, it gives everyone a strong image of winter, but you can’t ignore the spring when many flowers start flowering after the winter has passed. The flowers in Hokkaido are coming out later than the ones in Tokyo, due to the cold climate. Even cherry-blossoms over there are now at their best in May.

The Higashi-Mokoto Moss-phlox Park in Ozora-cho in Hokkaido is well-known for the moss-phloxes on the ground. The highlighted view is recognized as the No. 1 in Japan. Moss-phloxes called Shibazakura in Japanese have “sakura=cherry-blossoms” in their name, but it is not a tree like a cherry blossom-tree. It is a different species. They have various colored blooms, such as red, pink and white flowers. Just like the cherry-blossoms in Hokkaido, they are now at their best. Every year, the flowers start coming out around early May and from the middle of May to the first days of June, they are in full bloom.


The slopes of the 10 hectares of huge land are all covered with the moss-phloxes and they look like fluffy carpets. You can witness the vast nature which is most similar to the extensive Hokkaido. The 3 colors in the pink flower circuit corridors, the blue sky and the green hillside make a magnificent highlight. The scenery from the observation deck becomes a superb breath-taking view.

Incidentally, the moss-phloxes in the park started growing from only one seedling which was brought by the late Mr. Suekichi Nakahachi in 1977. He couldn’t use any machines, because the land is a steep slope, so he planted them one by one by hand. As a result, he had planted almost all of the seedlings on his own and supervised them by himself. Now, it has turned into a large-scale flower garden and it has been representing Japan.


The Yamatsumi Shrine with an Impressive Pink Torii


When you climb up the hill in order to clap eyes on the magnificent view, you can come across the pretty pink Torii. (A large gate that stands at the start of the front approach to a shrine.) This is the Torii for the Yamatsumi Shrine which the God of the mountains has enshrined near the summit of the hill. When you see the Torii like this, I’m sure you’ll never forget it.


Higashi-Mokoto Moss-Phlox Festival



They will hold a festival, adjusting to the coming out of the moss-phloxes. Just for 3 days during the festival, the illumination and the fire-works take place. It is worth seeing.

Whole period: the 3rd of May – 5th of June 2016
Illumination and fire-works: the 20th of May -22nd of May 2016 after 19:00


Superb Moss-Phlox Soft Ice-Cream


Please don’t forget tasting the moss-phlox soft ice-cream with the cherry flavor. The taste made from the rich milk produced in Hokkaido is totally different from the ones in other places.


There is a hot-spring facility nearby and you can enjoy an Ashiyu (foot spa) free of charge in the Higashi-Mokoto Moss-phlox Park. This is one of the new sightseeing projects to draw your attention in Hokkaido. Information: Map

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