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Japan’s Longest Mishima Skywalk: New Way to See Mt. Fuji

Yet one more spot for seeing Mt. Fuji was added on 12/14/2015. It’s a suspension bridge for pedestrians and the longest one in Japan. Today we’ll be talking about this newest attraction and why it’s worth the visit.


What is Mishima Skywalk?


Officially known as the “Hakone-Seiroku Mishima Grand Suspension Bridge,” in Mishima City of Shizuoka Prefecture, its nickname is the “Mishima Skywalk”. It’s 400m long, making it the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan.

Bridge Data
 – Elevation: 415m
 – Height: 70.6m
 – Length: 400m (longest in Japan)
 – Main tower height: 44m
 – Footpath width: 1.6m

The footpath is also wide enough for about 3-4 adults to easily pass each other. Also, the white towers supporting the suspension bridge cables are extremely solid so that a maximum of 2,100 people can safely cross at the same time. Walking at a normal pace, you can reach the other side in about 10 minutes.


Highlight #1: See 3 of Japan’s Bests at Once

Here you can see 3 of Japan’s best attractions at once: the Mishima Skywalk—the longest in Japan, Mt. Fuji—the highest in Japan, and Suruga Bay—the deepest bay in Japan. On a good weather day you’ll get to see Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay, completing all 3 at once. This is something you can rarely experience elsewhere.

Highlight #2: Changes with the Seasons and Time


Mishima Skywalk will show you a completely different look depending on the season and time you visit. Add to that also how Mt. Fuji changes by day and the result is an infinite number of combinations.
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Highlight #3: Viewing Deck and Sky Garden


Before you cross the suspension bridge, there’s the viewing deck where you can take amazing photographs and the Sky Garden where you can purchase souvenirs or eat a light meal. The Sky Garden has flowers that bloom all year so that it’s like a flower park. Information: Map


The Mishima Skywalk is getting attention as a new attraction. It’s very windy up on the suspension bridge and the wind’s particularly cold in winter so be sure to dress appropriately (long sleeves, gloves, etc.)!

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