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Hanayome Noren: A Gorgeous Tour Train to Kanazawa’s Hot Springs

The Hanayome Noren (lit. “Bridal Curtain”) began service on October 3, 2015, as a tourist-oriented train. Resplendently gorgeous and founded on a spirit of hospitality that emphasizes beauty and the Japanese way, the train has become a hot topic in Japan recently. The train’s colorful beauty comes from its use of the imagery of traditional Hokuriku (Sea of Japan) arts, such as Wajima lacquer ware, Kaga Yuzen silk-dyeing,
and Kanazawa gold leaf (which boasts a 400-year history and still commands 99% of the national market). Let’s take a look in more detail at the allure of the Hanayome Noren, which is sure to become the representative tourism train of Japan.





Looking for all the world like a kimono-clad figure, the train’s body is done in bright and fresh patterns that evoke traditional Japan.



Left: Car #1; Right: Car #2

The first car has eight semi-private booths. The carpeting on the aisles, patterned to resemble the stepping stones of a Japanese garden is rich with Japanese feeling.


Be it the doors, the ceiling, or even the washroom facilities, detailing like gold leaf and cherry blossom patterning is present everywhere, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere.


Onboard Meals

You’ll be able to use your time efficiently during your ride as you can enjoy a variety of Japanese foods onboard, including traditional Japanese dishes, Kaga Bocha tea, matcha sweets, and sake.


Kagaya Onsen Ryokan (Hot Spring Inn)

The Hanayome Noren is currently running the route that lies between Kanazawa Station and Wakura-Onsen Station. Wakura is one of Japan’s representative hot spring towns, and it’s there you’ll find the Kagaya Onsen Ryokan. This ryokan was chosen as the best overall accommodation during the 2015 “Professionals’ Choice of 100 Japanese Hotels and Inns” (sponsored by a major travel newspaper). It has also made the top three for each of the other divisions (hospitality, facilities, cuisine, etc.), placing it without a doubt among the very best traditional Japanese inns. Information: Map

There’s no mistaking it: riding the Hanayome Noren to go stay at Kagaya could be the gold-paved route that leads you on your top-class Japanese vacation. We whole-heartedly recommend it!

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