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Major Redevelopment in Tokyo: Shinjuku to Have the No. 1 Bus Terminal in Japan

In preparation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan has been actively working on a once in a century redevelopment. Shinjuku is ahead in such projects. You have probably noticed if you have visited Shinjuku recently, but the area in front of the station has been under construction for a while now. Similarly, there are also plans for a skyscraper in Shibuya. 


New Bus Terminal in Shinjuku


Information on the development of the new Shinjuku Station, South exit bus terminal was released in the press the other day. This revealed that a bus terminal, integrating all nineteen express bus stops in the area, is being built and is scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2016. In the past, Japan’s transportation network has been very useful but complex. However when this new bus terminal is completed, we can expect the JR lines on the first floor, ticketing gates and facilities on the second, and taxi/bus stops on the third and fourth floor — this should make it considerably easier to get around. Transferring to another train or bus should be much smoother now as well, since they are making a direct route from the station. It is sure to be a spot you will pass through at one point during your tour of Tokyo. 
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The Shibuya Skyscraper

This is the conceptual diagram of the skyscraper scheduled for completion in front of Shibuya Station (47 floors above ground, and 7 below) in 2019. Similar to the development in Shinjuku, this is another advancement seen in preparation of the Tokyo Olympics.

The highlight of this building is the roof, which is 230m above ground and will be open as an observatory. When completed, the observatory will be considered top class in height in Japan, and will allow visitors to have an unobstructed view of Tokyo, including the beautiful Mount Fuji. You will also be able overlook Shibuya’s famous “Scramble Intersection” and Hachikō dog statue from the roof. This spot is sure to become a must-see tourist attraction. 

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