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Tempura Fritter Rice Burger at MOS Burger?! You’ll Love It!

Mos Burger is a must if you are looking to try a delicious hamburger in Japan. It is the second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan. Since Mos Burger is dedicated to high quality service, you will be able to enjoy freshly made burgers every time. Not only do they have the typical Japanese-style Teriyaki burger, but they also have several unique choices unlike any hamburger you have ever tried before. Today we will be introducing Mos Burger’s funky mouth-watering menu, and we would love for you to try it upon your next visit to Japan.

W Teriyaki Burger


Tempura Rice Burger?!


There is a category called “Rice Burgers” at Mos Burger. As indicated by the name, the filling is sandwiched between two pan-fried/seared rice patties instead of buns, and is popular to the overseas visitors as being deceivingly delicious. The inside filling is deep fried vegetable or edamame (soy bean) tempura fritters, which are called “kakiage” in Japan. We suspect the secret to their success is this kakiage. So light and crunchy — there is nothing better!


The origin of the rice burger

In Japan there is a dish called “yaki-onigiri”, which is a seared onigiri (rice ball) with soy sauce on the surface (this creates a nice brown crunchy crust to the onigiri). It is the same principle as the senbei (Japanese rice) crackers. The rice burger was created in 1987, based on this yaki-onigiri concept.


Other burgers worth trying

Tokyo Tower Burger


Tokyo Tower Burger, the tallest standing burger in Mos Burger history. This is a limited-edition burger that is only offered at the Tokyo Tower store. Such a filling and hearty burger is unusual in Japan!
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Karaage (Japanese deep fried chicken) Burger

The Karaage Festival is currently being held for a limited period! The karaage used in these hamburgers are not typical, and are local to Hokkaido and Oita. The sweet soy sauce based sauce, exclusive to Japan, is out of this world!


Japan’s MOS Burger is a must try!

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