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Nostalgic Manga: Osomatsu-kun becomes Osomatsu-san in an Animated Series

Osomatsu-kun is a manga series created by the manga artist Fujio Akatsuka. The manga series started in 1962 and by 1966 aired as an animated series. This is one of the first of comedy/gag manga with over fifty years of history. And in 2015, it has returned as a TV animated series with Osomatsu-kun grown up to be Osomatsu-san. Osomatsu-san has been getting buzz overseas as well. 


Characters from Osomatsu-kun

1. Sextuplets


  • The first (eldest) sextuplet: Osomatsu Matsuno (おそ松)
  • The second: Karamatsu Matsuno (カラ松)
  • The third: Choromatsu Matsuno (チョロ松)
  • The fourth: Ichimatsu Matsuno (一松)
  • The fifth: Jyushimatsu Matsuno (十四松)
  • The sixth (youngest): Todomatsu Matsuno (トド松)[margin_15b]

It’s impossible to differentiate them by their appearance.

2. Iyami

The “Sheeeh” pose

As his name Iyami- which in Japanese means sarcastic or unpleasant- suggests, he is an unpleasant guy. He is a famous supporting character, who finishes his sentences with “-zansu”. Back in the day his trademark phrase, “sheeeh” became a popular phrase all over Japan.

3. Chibita

Chibita with oden in his hand

He is the rival of the sextuplets. Similar to Iyami, he is a supporting character that can’t be left out. Oden is his favorite food.

*Chibita’s Oden has made a comeback at Circle K Sunkus and has been on sale again since January 5th 2016. (Because there was a high demand for it since it was discontinued in 2014).

4. Dekapan Hakase (Dr. Dekapan)

He is a middle aged man who wears huge pants. (Dekapan is short for dekai pants, which literally means huge pants). Inside his huge pants are a variety of things just like Doraemon’s magical pocket.

5. Dayōn

He is a gluttonous man with drooping eyes and an abnormally large mouth. When he speaks, he uses “dayōn” at the end of his phrases.

6. Hatabō

He is a young boy with a Japanese hinomaru flag pierced in his head and lines under his nose indicating a runny nose. He ends his sentences with “dajō”.

7. Totoko-chan

She is the heroine of this series; a beautiful girl who is the crush of the sextuplets. She strongly resembles the heroine from “Himitsu no Akko-chan” another work of Fujio Akatsuka. 



Commemorating 80 years since the birth of Fujio Akatsuka, the animated series depicts the future of Osomatsu-kun, one of his representative works. Osomatsu-san represents the third animation of the series in 2015.

It was directed by Fujita Yoichi who is well known for directing Gintama, so at various points there are parodies that make the viewer think of Gintama and this aspect is also generating a whole lot of buzz.

1. Haikyu!! Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball), Yowamushi Pedal


2. Love Live


3. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Additionally, there is Dragon Ball, Naruto, Sailor Moon, My Neighbor Totoro, Bleach, Anpanman, Uta no Prince-sama…countless number of works that appear in Osomatsu-san.

Saga Matsu-ri: Osomatsu-san & Saga Prefecture Collaboration Event

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