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Where to Stay in Tokyo? Top 3 Japanese-style Guest Houses

Unlike 10 years ago, today we are easily able to travel all over the world. As a result the number of solo travelers has been increasing, and facilities in Japan are better prepared to welcome overseas guests. For example, as a backpacker the cost for lodging is extremely important. You need to take a limited budget and find the most efficient way to spend it. Furthermore, being able to interact with the local people is also a crucial factor when picking a place to stay, and by doing so can ensure yourself many priceless memories. Today, we will be introducing our top recommended guest houses in Tokyo that fit both the elements of low-cost and maximum-interaction. On top of all that, they are also all designed with a traditional Japanese look. 


3,100 yen ~

Shinagawa Shuku

The Shinagawa Shuku is a homey lodging space located in Shinagawa. While it seems simple, this facility is sufficiently equipped for over-night stays. In the common area located on the first floor you will be able to interact with travelers from all over, since an increasing number of overseas guests have been using this spot as a base for their stays in Japan. This area is also frequently used for events and, if the dates match up, you should be able to experience some real Japanese culture. Info: Access


2,500 yen ~

Khaosan, Samurai Capsule

This hotel is the Samurai Capsule in Asakusa, owned by the Khaosan Group. The luxurious construction makes it hard to believe this place could be considered just a guest house. The prices are also a shocker.

As you may be able to tell from the name, the rooms are constructed like capsule hotels with a design that makes you feel like a Samurai warrior is about to jump out at you. The “noren”, which is a traditional Japanese-style short curtain/sign typically hung over the entrance doors of a business establishment, are very cool! While this is a one-person room, they of course also have normal rooms suited for larger groups. Since Khaosan Group also has hotels in places such as Hokkaido and Kyoto, it would be a good hotel to remember for those planning a trip to Japan. Info: Access


2,800 yen ~


Toco is a 90 year old home that was renovated into a hotel. They created a space that leaves you with an impression of what a true Japanese house should be. The beautiful backyard is an added plus. 

With the soft lighting from the lamps, you will be staying in a Japanese-style room that is reminiscent of the Showa-period. We can promise you a calm, relaxing time away from home. Since the bar is open to the hotel guests as well as the public, it is a great spot to meet and interact with a variety of people. Info: Access


Were there any spots that caught your fancy? We carefully selected these three locations based on what we felt would satisfy your needs best, and hope you will be able to make one your base during your next stay in Japan :)

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