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How much HP will you get? Lawson’s Dragon Quest Heal-flavored Karaage-kun Chicken!

For a limited time starting on 5/10/2016, the Japanese convenience store Lawson announced they will be selling Dragon Quest Heal-flavored Karaage-kun chicken. …wait. Heal-flavored? What on earth~

‘Fight? Eat?’ is written on the box lol. ‘Eat’, of course!

Karaage-kun is a hot fingerfood (‘karaage’ is Japanese fried chicken) sold beside the registers in Lawson and this year will mark 30 years of selling them. It’s also the 30-year anniversary of Dragon Quest. As such, this nonsensical collaboration for celebrating both of their 30th anniversaries was born.

‘Heal-flavored’ doesn’t sound very appetizing but, in actuality, ‘heal-flavored’ is garlic and mayonnaise-flavored. There’s no relation to Heal at all~! And how much HP you’ll recover from these is a mystery. Well, it’s Heal so it must be little! lol

Mixed in among the Karaage-kun are some rare ones with the Slime imprinted on them so you’re right to be excited for them.

Also, a limited quantity will also have Erdrick’s sword as a toothpick so you can stab and eat your Karaage-kun with the sword.

You can buy these from 5/10 to 6/6 and ‘that’ sound will play at the register when you purchase. If you know Dragon Quest, you know what ‘that’ sound is. It’s the sound that plays when you get XP!


The Dragon Quest Heal-flavored Karaage-kun Chicken will be only offered while supplies last so if you’re someone who wants to try them or get the rare Karaage-kun then don’t forget to visit Lawson! On 5/10!

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