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Things to Do in Tokyo: 4 Cafes for a Unique Experience

The café boom began from the rising popularity of the cat café. Nowadays in Tokyo, there are more and more cafés that offer a combination of various different ideas, giving consumers more places to enjoy. Please see the following must-try cafés, which are different from the regular tourist spots we see on tourism websites. Photo:


Gundam Cafe

First, the Gundam Café that everyone knows. There is one in Akihabara; however, we recommend the one at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, where they have the famous full-size Gundam statue. The building of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza behind the statue is 8-floors high; therefore, you should be able to see how big the Gundam actually is. Inside the café, the waiters are dressed in spacesuit cosplay uniforms, and the menu is full of items that are linked to Gundam. Please go and try the famous Gunpla-yaki (Gundam Plaza Japanese Muffin). For those who are Gundam fans, you will for sure feel like you are in heaven; however, for those who are not interested in Gundam, it is a place where you can enjoy your time as well. Information: Map


Corne (Nap Café)


This is called a nap café corne, which has nap rooms that are designated for women. Since it is located in a business district, most of the people visit in between breaks from work to take a nap or to relax. In order to allow visitors to sleep comfortably, aromatic scents are used and various types of pillows are provided, so you can choose upon your own preferences. For those who will fall asleep even just in between stations on subways during commutes, maybe this café is a good choice for you. You can experience this unique café starting from just a short time of 10 minutes at 160 JPY. Information: Map


Bunbougu Café (Stationery Café)

Japanese people love stationeries. Japanese stationery comes in a huge variety and has a low price with high quality, giving it a very high reputation in the world. There are lots of different and interesting stationery that you can try, such as pencil with lead that stays sharp all the time, erasable ink-pen, ballpoint pen with 3-4 colours, stapler without staples, and etc. If you find something you like, you can purchase it as well. Information: Map


Rakugo Café

In the Japanese culture, other than noh (traditional masked dance) and kabuki (traditional drama), there is also another traditional art called rakugo. Rakugo is where a narrator tells a story by using body languages and hand gestures, along with a Japanese folding fan and a towel as props. It is a way of storytelling that will allow viewers to laugh in the end. Although it looks easy, it often consists of one actor playing two different characters, making it necessary to have a high level of techniques. For those who do not understand Japanese, rather than going to see a real rakugo, we would like to introduce this place, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a rakugo more easily. Furthermore, Japanese-style products that are related to rakugo are sold as well. Information: Map

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