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Tips to Choosing the Perfect Souvenir Pocky: The Beloved Snack of 50 Years

One of Japan’s leading sweets, Pocky. Today, Pocky is recognized globally, and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It is not easy to continuously be loved for 50years, and today we will be sharing the secret to that love, and will be giving some pointers on how to pick the perfect Pocky souvenir.


The five primary series

From the left – Regular, Super Slim, Otona no Milk, Pebbly Strawberry, and Almond Crush.

Some may feel there is too much chocolate, while another feels there is not enough or it is too rich, or the texture isn’t quite right. Like this, everyone has a different opinion when it comes to candy. What makes Pocky special is that the manufacturer realizes the diversity in preferences and continues to develop their product from the customer’s perspective. Here we show some of the different flavors, which really demonstrate how abundant the flavor options are. There are even more varieties in addition to those shown here. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, they also have redesigned and breathed new life into the existing five primary series. 


For those who would like a taste of Japan

From the left – Hokkaido Azuki (Red Bean), Kyoto Uji Matcha (Green Tea)

Just on 9/29, the new “Wagokoro (Japanese) Series” was released. It was developed with a very delicate touch and flavoring. For those who are interested in experiencing the soul of Japan, please try the Wagokoro Series!


For those who would like to try something exclusive to that region

From the left – Kyoto Uji Matcha (Green Tea), Nagano Shinshu Grapes, Hokkaido Yubari Melon (Cantaloupe)

Currently there are thirteen airports in Japan that sell giant regionally-specific Pocky boxes that are only sold in that prefecture. Why not grab a box as a souvenir on your way home from your trip in Japan – you won’t regret it!

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Pocky Day

Every year on 11/11 we celebrate Pocky Day. Did you know? On this day, everyone eats Pocky. The manufacturer, Glico’s slogan “Share happiness!” is penetrating our society. How wonderful is it that through these delicious Pocky treats we are able to communicate better, and share our happiness with each other. What is your favorite Pocky flavor?

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