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The Souvenir to Buy! 5 Super Cute Sweets from Kyoto

Kyogashi is Kyoto confectionery, which is very Japanese just by its appearance. Although it is mostly high quality items, it now has evolved to have very cute appearances. This time, we want to tell you about 5 kinds of Kyogashi that are so cute, you will not want to eat them! You should definitely buy it as a souvenir! Of course, the taste will also be a great satisfaction.




First, we will introduce the Nama Yatsuhashi, made by a vintage shop that has over 300 years of history. Nama Yatsuhashi is one kind of Japanese confectionery that represents Kyoto. Different from the regular Yatsuhashi, the dough is steamed directly without baking. Nowadays, the Nama Yatsuhashi is more popular than the regular Yatsuhashi. Since it can spoil rapidly, we recommend you to eat it fresh at the shop. Information: Map




Now, the new generation of Kyoto candy. The Kyoto candies are all hand-made, and these are made with designs that are collaborated with European designs. There are more than 30 types of designs, and each colouring combination has its own meaning. We recommend you to ask the staffs about the different meanings; you will get some interesting answers. Information: Map




The Boro called Fukudaruma. Boro is a kind of baked confectionery. Although it is not a kind of Kyoto confectionery, we put it in our ranking because it is cute and you can purchase it in Kyoto. The Fukudarumas are as small as one’s fingertips, and they have a variety of expressions, such as smiling, thinking, proper expressions. As its name indicates with the “fuku”, meaning luck in Japanese, the confectionery could be your lucky charm. Information: Map



Kawaii! The confectionery that is gaining popularity quickly, the Hiyoko Hozui. It is a Japanese style marshmallow. The Hiyoko (chick) will melt in your mouth~ Information: Map


Tawaraya Yoshitomi



The Kyo Maiko-chan Bonbon, like kimonos and Japanese hair ornaments, can represent Kyoto geishas. Even its name is cute! The flower designs vary by different seasons. However, some are made with Japanese sake; therefore, please be careful to not give it to young children. Information: Map


We have picked out a variety of famous Kyoto confectioneries from different shops; however, there are lots of other items at the shops, so please feel free to find the ones that match with your taste!

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