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Japan Bus Lines: Traveler’s Pass Reservation/Information Site

In the past, we have taught you the ways to save train fares in the article, ”Help for Your First Trip to Japan! 6 Best Things to Know Ahead of Time”. This time, we would like to talk about travelling by bus. As you might already know, when traveling in Japan, one usually commutes by trains or buses. Those who know how to utilize these transportations well can greatly shorten their travel times and decrease their travel fares. High-speed buses in particular can be perfect for long distance traveling, just like bullet trains. The reason for this is because you don’t need to travel and transfer to all sorts of locations in the country, you can simply take one bus line directly to the place you want to go, which is a great way to travel. However, for those who are visiting Japan for the first time, being able to efficiently utilize the high-speed bus might be quite hard.


What are the reasons that make it hard for foreign travelers to travel by bus?

  1. In most cases, information is only offered in Japanese

  2. There are many lines and the routes are complicated, making it hard to understand which line to use

  3. Every bus company’s website is independent, so you cannot research routes all together

  4. In fact, it is hard to know which site should be used

Overall, there are various reasons. However, the Japan Bus Lines, released on 2015/9/1, is the site that will resolve all the above problems.


Japan Bus Lines



  1. Research all 50 companies offering high-speed buses in Japan at the same place; can make reservations beforehand

  2. Offers information in English, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese

  3. Offers organized information on routes between various big cities

Overall, the inconveniences and problems from before have all been improved.


In the future, other regular bus routes destined to tourist spots and other bus companies that currently do not accept prior reservations will be added. Furthermore, other languages supporting the site will be increased as well. Just by knowing about this site, it should be able to greatly help guide your travels in Japan. So, please feel free to fully use it to your advantage!

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