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Tokyo’s Top 3 Evolving Capsule Hotels

The capsule hotel, first developed in Osaka in 1979, is a type of hotel with extremely small “rooms” (capsules) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require the services offered by more conventional hotels. Since then they have evolved in various ways, and today they have reached a new stage of transformation. Capsule hotels were originally created for those who needed a basic and cheap place to stay, however overtime new additions and improvements have been made. Today we will be sharing vital information on capsule hotels found in Tokyo that will be great for those just arriving in Japan, which we hope you will take advantage of. Even with the added amenities and services, they are still much cheaper than standard hotels found around Tokyo!


First Cabin

The First Cabin is a capsule hotel expanding into Haneda Airport, Akihabara, Osaka, and even Fukuoka. What is unique about this capsule hotel is their large rooms/cabins. While capsule hotels are usually setup in two levels where you can only lie-down or sit in, this hotel only has one, and by doing so they have created a space large enough for their guests to stand and walk around in. These rooms also include a 32in. television, as well as a side table for those who need to get some work done.

The Tsukiji location that recently opened even has a bar inside, and has a feel that is unlike any other capsule hotel. Since they are also equipped with staff who speak not only Japanese, but also English, Korean, and Chinese, it is a great hotel to remember for your visit to Japan. Official Website


9h Nine Hours

Nine Hours is a capsule hotel that has been around for 20years, and has branches in places such as Narita Airport, and Kyoto. This hotel has evolved into a very clean-lined futuristic space, ideal for those looking for simple shelter – a place to rest their head, and shower.

There are floors dedicated to female guests, which is even distinguished by the separate elevators.

This location is so popular, rooms are fully booked one year in advance for the Hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) and Koyo (autumn leaves viewing) season. It has a very cool design that will make you feel like you are about to take off into Space. Official Website


Anshin Oyado

On the other hand, the “Anshin Oyado (Comfort Inn)” opening in Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Shinbashi are getting much attention for being an exclusively male capsule hotel site. For bedding they use Simmons, favored by most luxury hotels, which is supremely comfortable.


After passing under the noren/curtain, you will find a large traditional common bath! The facilities at this site will make you question whether you are at a capsule hotel or not.

Additionally, you will have unlimited access to manga (Japanese comic books) and drinks at no additional cost. In this atmosphere, reminiscent of the Manga Cafes seen all over Japan, you will forget the existence of time. Official Website


The three sites we have introduced today include large traditional common bathtubs, showers, free internet access, and other necessary amenities and services for your stay. While your spending may vary depending on the branch, duration of your stay, and the grade of room chosen, 5000yen should be plenty to cover you. The difference in cost to stay at a standard capsule hotel with some added features will not be much different than the places we are suggesting, so why not try a more evolved facility? We highly recommend you try one (or all) of the three hotels we have introduced today.

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