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3 Famous Matcha Stores in Uji, Kyoto: A Great Choice for a Souvenir

The city of Uji in Kyoto is known for its Uji tea. It is the town portrayed in The Tale of Genji, and is also where the Byodo-In Temple is located, which is a recognized World Heritage site. Today we will be introducing three famous shops within Uji where you will be able to taste the most delicious matcha desserts, both modern and traditional (wagashi). Since these matcha sweets make great souvenirs for those at home, combined with the sightseeing, it really is a spot where you can kill two birds with one stone.


Tsujirihei Honten


This is the new Tsujirihei Honten (established in 1860) tea ceremony room, which opened on 8/8. Once you pass through the gate, you will find yourself in an atmosphere not at all reminiscent of a store. One of the first things you will notice are the beautiful gardens passed the gate.

The interior -a partially refurbished tea factory- is made in a true traditional Japanese style. Before placing your order from the menu, please take a stroll through the store first. 

This is the best seat in the house! Enjoy the calm passing of time, while looking out at the gardens. 

Recommended Matcha Products

Matcha Baumkuchen Cake — Kyo no Take

Uji Matcha Mont Blanc (Chestnut Cake)

These two are our top recommended souvenirs. The flavors are great, but how do you feel about the overall look of the cakes? It is a work of art. Information: Map


Nakamura Tokichi


This conspicuously eye-catching building established in 1854 is Nakamura Tokichi Honten. It is so famous that they even get people lining up on weekdays. 

Recommended Matcha Products

Raw Tea Jello

We recommend the Raw Tea Jello. It is very famous, and includes matcha ice cream, shiratama (rice‐flour dumplings), red beans that are not overly sweet, and the raw matcha jello, all in one dish! The main highlight is the perfectly chilled container using real bamboo. This is only offered at the main branch in Uji, so we would love for you to make a trip to the branch. It is a dish you do not want to miss out on.

Hiki-cha and Tea Ceremony Experience


On top of all this, at Nakamura Tokichi you can enjoy the tea grinding experience in a Genroku style room, a type of tea room that you rarely see in Japan anymore. You will use a millstone to grind your own matcha, which is then served to you with Chagashi (small Japanese tea cakes). You will have a one of a kind experience! Information: Map




Opened since 1832, Itoh-kyuemon is famous nationwide, and is probably the most famous amongst the three places we have introduced today. You are able to enjoy historic genuine matcha sweets at a very reasonable price. Of course, you are also able to enjoy some excellent Uji tea with your delicious sweets. 

Recommended Matcha Products

Raw Uji Matcha Chocolate

Uji Matcha Cake Roll (Swiss Roll)

Uji Matcha Dorayaki

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You cannot miss out on trying the above three desserts!

Uji Matcha Soba

Additionally, this place also lists several savory dishes on their menu. Itoh-kyuemon is said to be the first in Uji to come up with the matcha soba noodles. The scent of tea is amazing, which adds to the very gentle flavor of the soba noodles.


On top of everything else, Itoh-kyuemon also has a collaboration product; the Matcha flavored Kit Kats. This is the first item people think of when we say “souvenirs from Japan”. I hope you now understand why I said Itoh-kyuemon may be the most famous. Information: Map


We are working to make products such as these that are currently only for sale in Japan, available in your country. We hope you look forward to it. If you are interested, please register for the News Letter so you can be contacted when the new service starts. 


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