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A New Way to Enjoy Baseball Using the Epson Smart Glasses

On 9/22, an experiment on a new baseball viewing system was conducted using Smart Glasses at the “Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. SoftBank Hawks” game, held at the Sapporo Dome located in Hokkaido.



This may be surprising to many, but baseball viewing has recently become very popular even amongst women and the younger generation. It has also become a trendy tourism spot for those traveling from abroad. However, what is unfortunate about going to a live game is that while there is a great sense of presence and unity amongst the fans, you are unable to get any information on the players from where you sit. Nowadays most people have access to smartphones that are able to give you preliminary reports on each play but there is a time-lag, and chances are the second you take your eyes away from the game you end up missing the most crucial moment…all because you were too busy looking down at your hands, playing with your phone. This is why, for those not as familiar with the game, watching the ballgame through the television is more favorable as you are able to learn so much more about each player, and hear the announcers discuss each play.

This is where the brand-new viewing system using the Smart Glasses comes in.

You will be able to have the full experience of being at a live game, while still getting all the important details you need to understand the game better. Since they are planning to further improve the product by minimizing any time-lag, I expect this to make sporting events more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

The best part of this viewing system is that the commentary heard through the earphones and the text shown on the Smart Glasses are multi-language compatible. Because of this, even the tourists who do not speak Japanese will be able to understand what is going on in the game. This system is expected to be applied not only to viewing baseball games, but all sports. If this can be introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we can be sure to expect an exciting viewing. The day where Smart Glasses are standardized for watching the Olympics may not be too far in the future.

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