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MediBang Paint: 100% Free Super Multi-Functional Manga Developing Software from Japan

Digital illustration, a program even the famous manga artists are now using. MediBang Paint is just that, with new additional services. What is this new software that’s getting so much attention for being “the most multi-functional free illustration/manga developing software in the world”? We have put together a few facts about this amazing new software, which has now reached over one million downloads – unknown for any other paint software.



1. Workable from all PC (Win/Mac), iPad, iPhone, Android Devices


2. Rich Selection of Brushes/Pens

There are over 50 different types of brushes and pens programmed, such as the G-pen, maru(round)-pen, watercolor, fude(brush)-pen, etc. You will be able to draw out any lines perfectly using these tools. On top of that, there are plans to add numerous other paint tools each month from here on.  



3. Rich Selection of Screen Tones

You will have access to over 800 different screen tones and backgrounds.


4. Use of Layering Function

You will of course also have access to the layering function, which is a must for digital illustrations.


5. Cloud Storage is Available to Save Data

Since you are able to save data online, you can now access and work on your illustrations from any device without compressing or overloading your device capacity.


6. Setting a Panel Layout is Almost Too Easy

Panel layouts, necessary for manga illustrations, can be set in one simple step by dragging it.


7. Equipped with a Ruler Function

The ability to complete the cumbersome task of drawing lines such as straight or concentric circles in one shot, without having to re-do them.


8. You Can Work as a Team

If you use the team function to share your material, you will be able to complete one project with multiple members.

You get unlimited access to all these added features free of charge! Since you can access this software through devices other than your PC, you will be able to select whatever device is most convenient for you in that moment. This type of unlimited access will allow you to work on your illustrations during your spare time while traveling, and will provide a more efficient working environment. We absolutely recommend this software for you to try! Download

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