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Top 3 Restaurants for Kyoto’s Wagyu That Will Melt in Your Mouth

I suspect you will be traveling to Kyoto if/when you visit Japan. So, knowing the best restaurants in the area is important. While the typical Kyoto-like traditional Japanese sweets and dishes are popular, we actually would also like to recommend Kyoto’s wagyu beef. Today we would like to tell you about three of our top recommended spots, which also happen to be very well-established hidden treasures. We hope you are able to encounter the most exquisite wagyu during your visit.


Hafuu Honten (the Original)

Hafuu Honten is a restaurant that has a very traditional Japanese atmosphere, which ironically specialize in western-style beef dishes. 

While Hafuu has always been known for its Katsu (deep-fried cutlet) Sandwiches, their wagyu steak and Hayashi Rice (hashed beef with rice) dish with large chunks of wagyu beef is also heavenly.

The thick juicy first-class wagyu is cooked to rare-temperature by deep frying it like a beef cutlet, and is lined up in a straight line on top of some demi-glace sauce. This dish includes rice, miso soup, salad, a small side dish, pickles, and coffee and is only 3,990 yen. A very affordable price for a wagyu dish. We were told that they purchase their supply by testing the meat depending on the day, and this is why they are able to offer at such a reasonable price. There are not many seats in the restaurant, but if you are able to grab a counter seat, you will be able to enjoy a mouth-watering view of the food being prepared in from of you. Information: Map


Niku no Takumi Miyoshi


Miyoshi, located in the Gion area of Kyoto, is one of those restaurants you know will be delicious. “Kaiseki Cooking” is typically a traditional Japanese course meal, however Miyoshi is a unique restaurant that specializes in meat kaiseki courses. Actually Gion-Kyoto surprisingly has a special type of business from way back called meat “kappo,” which means cooking.

At Miyoshi you will order from a selection of courses separated by pricing, which range between 15,000 to 20,000 yen. The “Master”of the restaurant selects the best suited part of the cow for each dish (out of brandname beef such as Kobe and Omi beef,) and present it throughout the course. Some may think it is a little too expensive, but of course this also means you can expect a high-level wagyu dish that matches what you are paying.

This place also has shabu-shabu for customers who would like to mix it up. Now, I have a question for you. Were you aware that the most delicious way to enjoy wagyu is as sukiyaki? I will explain the reason behind this another time. Answer

Another excellent feature of Miyoshi is its extensive collection of sake (Shochu and Nihon-shu) that will be perfect for your dish. Please make sure to visit Miyoshi for dinner sometime if you find yourself touring the Gion-Kyoto area. Information: Map



While it has a very casual look to it, this restaurant, Otsuka, is the spot that is said to have that mythical meat/beef.

Murasawa Beef (from Nagano)

Yes! This is the phantom wagyu beef, said to come from about only 80 cows per year. The Murasawa Beef. Unlike the Kobe Beef, or Matsuzaka Beef, which was branded by its location, the Murasawa Beef is a top rated beef that is named after the producer/owner. Have you heard of it?

I know you’re probably wondering about the price…well, the Murasawa Beef Sirloin Steak Lunch (150g) is 5,900 yen! Considering the A5 ranked domestic (Japan) black-haired wagyu is 4,900 yen for 150g, you can really tell how premium this beef is! However, it is in no way an expensive restaurant. The other lunch dishes are mostly between 1,000 and 2,000 yen. BUT, since you bothered to make the trip to the restaurant, why not experience the Murasawa Beef. Give it a try.  It truly is on a whole other playing field!

None of the three places we introduced today are large well-known restaurants, but that’s what makes them so great. At the same time, the quality of wagyu is extremely high. Please take our advice, and enjoy the wagyu of all wagyu’s. Information: Map

Three Best Restaurants in Kyoto to Fully Enjoy Kobe Beef

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