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Things to Do in Tokyo: 6 Anime and Manga Souvenir Shops

Today we have collected a few souvenir spots that will make your hearts race with excitement, regardless of whether or not you are an “otaku”! Each location carries numerous limited edition items that can only be purchased there, which makes it 100% worth the trip! 

*Otaku: A Japanese term used for people who are extreme fans of the manga/anime fandom, as well as idol groups, etc.


1. Tokyo Character Street


This is a popular underground shopping street in Tokyo Station Ichibangai (1st Ave.). There are a total of 26 stores lined up along the street, and there is even a space within called “Ichiban Plaza” where many events are held so you are sure to never be bored. Below are a few of our recommended stores within Tokyo Character Street.


Weekly Shonen Jump is manga royalty. This store carries a large selection of items from old nostalgic comics to the latest series regularly featured in the Shonen Jump magazine. You will find many items here that can only be purchased within Japan.

Frieza Trash Bin

Hello Kitty Shop


An adorable space covered in pink. You can also find products specific to Tokyo Station, such as the Tokyo Station limited edition Hello Kitty mini towels.

Pokemon Store


The first thing you see entering this store is the large collection of Stationmaster Pikachu’s gathering at the center. These models are limited to the Pokemon Store. It almost feels like you can hear them crying out “pika pika”, signaling the trains leaving the station.

Donguri Republic

Donguri Republic, the official Ghibli store. Take a trip to this magical space that you are sure to get lost in deciding which Ghibli Studio product to buy.

Information: Tokyo Station, Yaesu North Exit, Basement 1st Floor (B1F)


2. Otome Road


The Sunshine 60 West Street area is lined with stores such as Animate, Lashinbang, and Mandarake, and over time has become known as “Otome Road,” which directly translates as “Maiden Road.” If you are a girly girl who likes boy-on-boy action, this is the place for you. This street also includes butler cafes, and has even been referred to as the “Holy Place for Fujoshi.”

*Fujoshi: a Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men/boys. Direct translation is “rotten girl.”

Information: Ikebukuro Station


3. Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo


Japan’s largest Pokemon specialty store, located in Ikebukuro Sunshine City alpa.


There is no way not to be slightly overwhelmed by the quantity of merchandise, but even amongst that, the wall covered by stuffed toys is a masterpiece.

Information: Ikebukuro Station, East-Ikebukuro Station


4. Nakano Broadway



No other place comes close to Nakano Broadway with their collection of subculture-type products. It is even located in an eerie and slightly obscure commercial building. This area has a different type of charm from Akihabara, starting with the Mandarake store, and other specialty stores for anime, manga, figurines, and cosplay. People have been known to find some very rare treasures for a bargain here.

Information: Nakano Station


5. Tokyo Anime Center

At times this location is known to carry extremely rare items that some otaku may kill for. There are also many foreign visitors for the anime illustration exhibition that can only be seen here.

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6. Super Potato Akihabara


Nostalgic games starting back from the 1980’s are lined up. It is a heavenly space with retro games such as Mario, and Rockman/Mega Man. While it is now common for games to have a universal software platform, were you aware that the first people to actually succeed in making this common platform was the Nintendo team with the Famicon (Family Computer) Console System?


Just like the at-home game consoles, they also carry old-school arcade games, which you are able to actually play with. Information: Map


All the locations we introduced today can be visited in one trip, so if you are not sure where to go, why not visit all of them!

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