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Three Hidden Hot Springs Nestled in the Hokkaido Wilderness

The best part of Hokkaido is the awe-inspiring nature. Composed of broad tracts of land, Hokkaido is also blessed with many onsen (“hot spring”) sources, making it an excellent travel destination. We’d like to introduce to you three spots that fuse together Hokkaido’s natural world with hidden hot springs that are richly unique. Ease your way into these waters and you’re sure to have the weariness of the everyday washed away, replaced by heights of contentment and joy.


Marukoma Onsen


Founded in 1915, Marukoma Onsen is a hot springs with a century of history. Even when compared to others, they say that this onsen is in a class of its own.

This is because only rocks separate the lake from the open-air bath, so that as the water level on the lake changes, so too does that of the open-air bath. Here in the great outdoors, you can truly relish the onsen experience.

There’s another notable characteristic, here: when you submerge yourself, you can feel pure and natural hot springs water at your feet as it wells up from the source. There are only about 20 hot springs in all of Japan where the water comes flowing out directly at your feet.
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Tokachidake Onsen


At an altitude of 1,280 m, Tokachidake Onsen is Hokkaido’s highest hot springs. With an open-air bath constructed to feel as if it soars out into the air, the jewel in the crown of this onsen is how the forest and mountain rise uninterrupted before your eyes.

When you dip into the hot springs amidst the snowy scenes of winter, all your cares and worries will melt away. Be sure to treat yourself to this feast of the senses. You’ll feel as if you’ve transformed into a mountain hermit!
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Kamuiwakka Falls


Kamuiwakka-yu Falls is located in Shiretoko National Park on the Shiretoko Peninsula, which is registered as a World Heritage Site. Though a waterfall, what’s falling here is hot water. Recently, the falls have been attracting quite a lot of popularity as a “hitou” (hidden hot springs.)

The basin of the waterfall acts a tub where hot and cool waters mix. This splendid bathing place doesn’t have any facilities, so be sure to bring your swimming wear.

You can also climb up the falls, as well. However, it’s terribly easy to slip, so you’ll need to walk up with care. Make sure that you climb up the falls with sandals or shoes that firmly fit to your feet.
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