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3 Good Places to Dine and Sightsee at the Same Time in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a popular tourist place for Japanese and non-Japanese alike. There are too many places to recommend and we couldn’t stop thinking of them so we decided to go with a theme: places where you can eat and drink at the same time as sightseeing. All of the places today have food and drink you can only get in Hokkaido so these 3 are very worthwhile!


Sapporo Beer Garden/ Sapporo Beer Museum

This place is the shared location for the Sapporo Beer Museum and the Garden. The Sapporo Beer Museum is the only museum in Japan specializing in beer. Sapporo Beer is a Japanese beer maker that’s produced many popular brands like “Black Label” and “Ebisu”.

There’s a path we recommend you take.


Sapporo Beer Museum

1. 3rd floor

First go up to the 3rd floor of the Sapporo Beer Museum. There’s a giant iron pot and you can learn about the trial and error Japanese went through in how to make Japanese beer good.

Sapporo Beer Museum

2. 2nd floor

Next go down to the 2nd floor and learn about how beer was advertised to the masses. These advertisement potters slowly change from kimonos to common clothing. This is because beer used to be considered a high-class item.

Sapporo Beer Museum

3. 1st floor

From the left it’s Black Label, Classic (limited edition) and Kaitakushi Beer (limited edition)

And on the 1st floor we recommend the tasting room. Since up until now you’ve gone from the 3rd to the 2nd, you’ve learned about the birth of Japanese beer, what good tasting beer means, how it became good, etc. so you can appreciate the flavor that much more.

Sapporo Beer Garden

4. Going next door

Lastly, go to the Sapporo Beer Garden, which is next door to the Sapporo Beer Museum. There you’ll find a beer hall where you can have Hokkaido’s famous “Genghis Khan” meal (mutton and vegetables). You can also have the Sapporo Five Star, which is available only at the Sapporo Beer Garden.

These 4 steps are how we recommend you explore the area. Information: Map


Shiroi Koibito Park

Do you know about Shiroi Koibito? It’s a hallmark Hokkaido souvenir that every Japanese person knows.

Here they have the production line for making Shiroi Koibito open to the public. You can explore the 3 floors of the production chain, which is coating the baked cookies in chocolate, refrigerating them, adding the “best before” date, and wrapping.

And here they have an area where you can make your own cookies, the only one in the world. It uses the shape of Hokkaido as your foundation and you can add your favorite designs to it. People would love it if you brought this as a souvenir back home. (You can borrow everything—including the aprons—from them.) Information: Map


Sapporo Central Wholesale Market Curb Market


This marketplace is a personal favorite that I want you to visit. I (Yusuke, the author of this article) have some special memories from here. Of course, it’s also a popular sightseeing spot in Sapporo.

Only here in the early mornings is there lots of excitement with lively voices yelling back and forth. You’ll notice the fresh seashore smell just by walking through here. And there are many places to sample food so you can get full on just samples.

I actually don’t like fish eggs and even now can’t eat things like herring roe (kazu no ko). But the first time I went to Hokkaido, this marketplace changed me to a lover of salted salmon roe (ikura). Now it’s my favorite topping for sushi. You must come here. The freshness of the seafood you can eat is on a totally different level. Information: Map

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