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5 Halloween Events Bursting with Fun

Halloween’s getting closer and closer. Halloween events have grown bigger and bigger every year in Japan and this year in 2015 it’s expected to be huge. All across the country there are big and small-scale events being held but today we’ve picked the ones that focus on excitement. If thrills are your forte, or you love them, then check out these 5 we’ve picked. They’re all crazy!


KAWASAKI Halloween 2015


This event held in Kawasaki is the largest Halloween event in Japan with over 100,000 attendees. It is said to be the best in Japan at costume quality. Go here if you love good-quality cosplay!

Dates: 10/17 – 10/31
Parade: 10/25, Children’s parade: 10/24, Look Forward to: 10/31


9/18 Newest Information

The arrival of Star Wars Dummy Float (Nebuta) at the Kawasaki Halloween Event has been officially decided! The Star Wars Parade is held on the 25th from 14:30-15:00, from in front of Kawasaki City Hall to JR Kawasaki Station.


Tokyo Disneyland & Sea

Did you know that, thanks to the exchange rate, currently Japan’s Disneyland has the cheapest admission cost in the world? For this reason, the number of visitors from overseas is increasing. And, of course, every year they hold their Halloween event. Be warned that you’re not allowed any costumes here other than Disney-related ones. Crazy make-up is also not allowed. Go here if you love Disney!

Dates: 9/8 – 11/1
Costumes Permitted During: 9/8 – 9/14 & 10/26 – 11/1 (Disneyland), 9/15 – 9/17 (Sea)


USJ Universal Surprise Halloween

USJ (Universal Studios Japan)’s center piece is its Halloween Horror Night. 9 of the scariest horror attractions in history are waiting for you. You’ll see everything from Alien and Chucky to the Grudge and Sadako from The Ring. Zombies take over inside the park. Everyone’s tweeting #CrazyCostumes (#仮装で熱狂) so take a peek. Go here if you love horror!

Dates: 9/11 – 11/8
Halloween Horror Night Dates:
September and November: Every Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and holidays, October: Every day except for the 29th


Roppongi Halloween

From 10/10 on, the streets of Roppongi are flooded with people in costumes. These people are here for the many club events and parties held in Roppongi during this time. And Roppongi’s also well-known for being the place for foreigners to dress up. Go here if you’re an adult who loves parties in the city!

Parade: 10/25
Places: Around Roppongi Station


Shibuya Crossing

On Halloween day, people in costumes take over the crossing and make for quite a sight. Videos (like the one up top) of Halloween in Shibuya last year even made news overseas and let the world know that Tokyo is the most exciting place in the world for Halloween. Go here if you’re young and just wanna have fun!

Dates: 10/31
Places: Around Shibuya Station

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