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Encounter Pokemon Downtown!? Pokemon GO Scheduled for Release in 2016!

On 9/10 Nintendo, the company that brought us Pokemon, officially announced a new Pokemon game coming out in 2016. It’s called Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO will be a free iOS and Android smartphone app. Using your location like Ingress, and looking through your smartphone brings you to the world of Pokemon. And you can catch and battle the Pokemon in this world and gives you a taste of crossing reality and the virtual world. You can also trade Pokemon and talk to people throughout the world.


Walking down the streets, you’re notified that there’s a Pokemon…

A wild Pikachu hiding in the grass!

Get out your Pokeball and…

Catch Pikachu!

And it looks like you can cooperatively battle missions too. This is the Mewtwo Capture Mission.


Pokemon GO Plus

They’ll also be offering the Pokemon GO Plus option, which isn’t required for the game. It’s a device you attach to your wrist that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and tells you with vibrations and sounds about nearby wild Pokemon and events.


Pokemon GO is a project 2 years in the making with the recently-passed Satoru Iwata. From the beginning, Pokemon was brought into the world as a game aiming to not just end within a monitor. Pokemon GO values this even more by wanting to put importance on interacting with the real world, with real people. I strongly hope that it will reach a place where everyone joins in, regardless of age or nationality.

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