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Long-Awaited Story by Haruki Murakami Now On Sale!

Haruki Murakami is a global author with fans not just in Japan, but a huge number all around the world. He’s so famous that he doesn’t need a long introduction. And his latest book, “Novelist as a Vocation” (Shokugyo toshite no Shosetsuka) finally went on sale across Japan on 9/10. The autobiographical elements written in this book also have many enigmatic parts to them, telling of Haruki Murakami’s own novels’ settings and his own novels’ worlds. Photo: Mainichi Shinbun


Haruki Murakami’s peculiarity is the biggest reason that he has managed to capture the hearts of his fans. In concrete terms, his novels’ peculiarities are the ease in which the readers empathize with the characters, the sensation of being in-between this world and another, and the dry humor, which receive high praise. As a result, his novels span generations and are even popular among young people. And although the sentences are simple to read, the story is very complex. The simplicity of the writing makes it easy to translate to English, which is said to be 1 reason why it’s popular overseas.

How will Murakami represent himself in his latest work, “Novelist as a Vocation,” using his peculiar worldview and expressions? And what is he trying to tell us? Based on Haruki Murakami’s personality, I am very interested and eagerly await finding out. Photo: Nihon Keizai Shinbun

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