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Asakusa’s Kappabashi—Three Shops for the Best Japanese Kitchen Knives

Kappabashi Dogu Street (Map), located in Asakusa, is the number one shopping arcade in Japan for kitchen implements. Frequented by many professional chefs, there are about 170 shops lined up across 800 meters of street. Today, we’d like to tell you about some shops where you can pick up high-quality Japanese kitchen knives. Be sure to use this information if you’re picking up gifts for people back home. Just going to have a look at these incredible knives makes for a great experience.

First, let’s look at the best way to get there. If you walk for about five minutes after exiting Tawaramachi Station on the Ginza Line, you’ll see a big chef. This strange sculpture of the shop Niimi marks the entrance to Kappabashi. We’ll introduce the shops in the order you would arrive at them if starting from here. Niimi: Map

A point of caution beforehand: many of the shops on Kappabashi Dogu Street are closed on Sunday, so your best bet is to head there on days other than Sunday. Also, as many older Japanese shops tend to not yet have card support, be sure to bring cash with you when you go. There aren’t any ATMs nearby, either.

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As you’d expect for Kappabashi, the adorable kappa (a type of Japanese water spirit) figures leave an impression here at Kamata. 

However, once inside, there are rows upon rows of sleek kitchen knives. You can also take a course in-shop to learn the knife polishing technique of the artisans here, passed down the generations. That’s not exactly something a person could do normally, now is it?


Kama Asa Shoten


Kama Asa Shoten is a cooking equipment shop that began operations in 1908. A variety of equipment is sold here, such as fry pans, pots, and Nanbu ironware. Iron pots transmit heat to food evenly and completely, so they bring you delicious cooking for any cuisine, Eastern or Western.

Of course, they also have a selection of Japanese knives. The knives here are crafted carefully one by one by artisans who make Japanese swords. When cutting, poor-quality knives will only crush soft ingredients, but the knives here boast superb edges and won’t crush food at all.



A great number of visitors from overseas drop in at Tsubaya. Perhaps its popularity is owing to the rich character of the billboards out front as well as the atmosphere inside the shop, lined with items.

There is an incredible array of over 1,000 Japanese knives here, choice in both material and craftsmanship. The majority of them are original items too, we hear. Whatever your kitchen knife needs, Tsubaya can take care of them for you.

All three shops introduced here will also engrave for you. You’ll be able to make a truly one-of-a-kind knife, perfect as a gift! Wouldn’t it be great to give an actual shape to your experience to go together with your memories?

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