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4 Places to go “Glamping” Japan-Style

 “Glamping” is already popular in the West. It’s a glamorous new camping style that amenities and services on par with high-class hotels. You don’t need to prepare the tent or camping gear yourself and you can camp in a well-maintained facility. They even have A/C, beds and bathrooms.

This kind of glamping popular across the world is just now spreading in Japan and opening up in every region. And there are ones with experiences you can only get in Japan. The days of reservations flooding in from overseas are coming soon. Enjoy these 4 carefully hand-selected places.


Ise-shima Everglades

Mie Prefecture, Standard Glamping Site

This glamping site has already been open over a year. You stay in a log house that’s in the lake of a gigantic campsite. Inside there’s a big bed and bathroom and the beds are made by professionals. Here you’ll enjoy a breakfast on par to high-class hotels and the dinner is a standard American BBQ.

It’s a good place to canoe at the same time. There are often water fowl by the lakeside and you’re surrounded by nature.

You can also relax in the bath while gazing outside. It’ll make for great camping whether in summer or winter.
Information: Map


Island Camp Villa

Shizuoka Prefecture, Experience a luxurious resort on an outlying island

This is the outlying island of Hatsushima, which is easily accessible. The very popular Hatsushima Island Resort is here.

And at the resort is the Island Camp Villa. They are cottages overlooking the ocean.

And your ears fill with the sounds of nature from the rustling fabric from the sea waves and the ocean breeze are profoundly relaxing. It takes away all the tiredness from work.

This is a place where you can hit two birds with one stone. At the same time as you go glamping, you can also enjoy seeing the Shinto shrines on Hatsushima, diving, and the athletic facilities.
Information: Map



Tokyo, The Merits of City Sites

There’s a large urban outdoor park in the heart of Toyosu. A 2 min walk from Shin-Toyosu Station, and easily accessible even by car, it’s popular with novices and veterans alike.

They offer cabins which, unlike regular tents, are like your own private room, something special you’ll find in urban areas. It has a good reputation and people say it let them experience something slightly different than they’ve had before. This is why even veteran campers come here too.

And the best thing about the urban site is being able to see the city at night while camping. Watching the skyscrapers not too far away while you camp is a little different than the normal nature experiences and has a very novel and curiousness to it.
Information: Map


Hoshinoya Fuji

Shizuoka Prefecture, An experience found only in Japan

The Hoshino Resort was established 101 years ago and is a very famous company for Japanese sight-seeing. They have places in Karuizawa and Kyoto. This Hoshino Resort is new to glamping, planning to open in the Mt. Fuji area on 10/30/2015, and is called Hoshinoya Fuji.

It’s not open yet so no one’s been to talk about it but the other day it was on Japanese TV being featured for selecting the finest ingredients. You can expect the best food here.


And the most attractive thing is glamping while looking at Mt. Fuji. You can glamp all over the world but only here can you glamp and see Mt. Fuji.

Now we’re entering the fall season in Japan. The red leaves around the Kawaguchi Lake area near Mt. Fuji is higher in altitude so its peak season is a little early, peaking in November. You could say 10/30 is the best time for Hoshinoya Fuji to be opening. I look forward to hearing more on this place. We’ll keep this updated as new information comes in.
Information: Map

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