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3 Places You Can See Tuna-Cutting Shows Outside of Tsukiji

The Tsukiji Fish Market is already very famous as the largest in the world. I’m sure you’ve already seen pictures of huge frozen tuna scattered across the floor. Even now, practically every day foreign tourists and observers come to Japan for this. There’s even a Tsukiji sightseeing tour. But there’s a lot of websites that talk about Tsukiji so today we’ll be sharing other places with you. Here are 3 unusual places where you can see a live tuna-cutting show outside of Tsukiji.


Miura Misaki Harbor

Miura Misaki Harbor is developing several chain stores. Among them is the conveyor belt sushi restaurant called Megumi Suisan. They also do live tuna-cutting shows at the same time.

At 2 PM every Saturday, a whole tuna is brought out. Now many people know of the show and it gets very crowded with people wanting to see.

This is near the famous date spot, the Yokohama Minato Mirai, so you get the chance to hit three birds with one stone: sightseeing in Yokohama, watching a tuna show, and eating sushi. You can eat the sushi they cut up right away so take a bite!
Information: Map (Minato Mirai Store), Schedule


Sakanaya Shun

There’s a fresh seafood marketplace in Tokyo’s Nerima ward.


Enter inside and you’ll find them selling rare fish you won’t see on normal supermarket shelves. At their busiest they’ll get 2,000 people/day. The tuna show is scheduled for 2 times on Sunday in September. They don’t do it often so think of this place as more for buying unusual fish for cheap. When Japanese people get tired of the usual fare for hotpot cooking, this is where they come.

For those who can’t wait, it’s okay to eat some fresh sashimi inside! Information: MapSchedule


Taiko Chaya


Far and away the best of the 3 is this one: the Taiko Chaya. The reason why is that it’s famous for its famed store owner. Celebrities often visit and their signatures decorate the inside.

Here they have a tuna show every day at 7 PM. On their inventory stocking day they will also have super-huge tuna. The cuts are immediately auctioned off and can be eaten immediately after it’s sold off. Try to get something unusual like the brains or eyes. They even auction the bones.


Also! The reason why we recommend this place is that they have an all-you-can-eat for 1,100 yen during lunch (11:30-2:00). You can have sashimi, salad, boiled fish, white rice, miso soup… all for this price. SUPER CHEAP! The store’s owner is a fish connoisseur for nearly 50 years. He purchases the best fish every morning direct from Tsukiji, hence why he can offer such cheap prices.

Only pay 1,100 yen no matter how much you eat! Information: Map

*Opening and closing times for these 3 vary by location and month so please check ahead before you go.

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