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Get Ready for Fall! 5 Major Boot Trends for 2015

The hottest days of summer have gone and the temperatures are starting to cool down. It’s the time of year when you start thinking about incorporating fall fashion items in your wardrobe! It’s often said that style starts from the shoes up, and it really is true. Right at the start of the season, you usually don’t want to have to change your entire wardrobe to fall. Just changing your shoes from sandals to boots can instantly give your style a fall vibe. Additionally, incorporating key trends in your footwear can really give your outfit an essence of the season. This article gives you a quick overview of main boot trends for 2015 Autumn Winter Season.


Fringe Boots


Fringe is a trend this season. In the fashion shows of the season, there were many collections inspired by the 70s bohemian and folklore styles.

It’s cute coordinated with the handbag.


If you don’t feel comfortable about wearing trend items from head to toe, you can incorporate fringe elements in the accessories to enjoy the bohemian fashion.


Fur Boots, Fur Mules

The fur trend has been popular the last few winters. This winter we are incorporating fur into the footwear. This is also linked to the 70s folklore trend. 

If you’re not crazy about real fur, they have other options in “fun fur” too. (I guess you don’t call if fake fur nowadays. The name definitely sounds more exciting. Lol) Coordinating with the socks makes if more Japanese. The camo print is also a trending print. 


Mid Length Boots


The gaucho pants trend and mid-length skirt trend are still continuing steadily from spring summer. This mid length boot works not only with gaucho pants and mid length skirts, but also works with mini-skirts, long dresses, pants, trench coats… It adds a sophisticated feel to any of these bottoms and the one pair can be so versatile.

My personal recommendation is with one with a lean silhouette and a little bit of a heel. I think a feminine style with a pointed toe works particularly well with the gaucho pants!

A casual lace up style.

Cool and tough engineer boots. 


Side Gore Boots

The short boots are also a trend. It works well with both pants and skirts. If you pair it with a tight skirt, you get a nice balance as the sexy femininity of the tight skirt and the heavy masculine style of the boot really plays off one another. It also matches with the trend keyword for the season, “genderless”.


Sheepskin Boots/Mouton Boots

The sheepskin boots, called the “mouton” boots in Japan have become a season standard. It’s still very popular! However, it’s not the basic kind of camel colored mouton boots people are looking for this season. People are looking for something different, like the vivid pink and purple option or something that doesn’t look too casual and can look a bit more glamorous.

Boots are a must have item for fall and winter fashion, but I also want to give you a tip as a Japanese. This is about manners when you go to an “ozashiki” style restaurant or if you are invited to someone’s house. You know that we take off our shoes when we go indoors. When you go into the ozashiki, or you’re at the entrance of someone’s house and it takes you a long time taking off your shoes…and when you finally get the boots off, they don’t stay standing up but flop on the ground and take up a lot of space…it’s considered a faux pas. So, if you know ahead of time that you are going to have to take your shoes off, it may be better to avoid lace up boots or any shoes in general that take a lot of time to put on or take off. Of course, do make sure that your socks look OK when you take your shoes off too.

Fall is right around the corner and we have so much to look forward to. Summer in Japan is fun, but Autumn in Japan has beautiful scenery, delicious foods and many exciting events to come! Get your lovely fall wardrobe ready to go out for some fun fall events!

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Kimi is a Japanese living in Tokyo. She has spent half her life living overseas in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Her hobbies are traveling, eating, drinking and beautifying. She enjoys yoga and has a daily goal of running 6.5 km to offset her love of beer and junk food.

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