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Goin’ Japanesque!

Warikan: Going Dutch Japanese Style

How do you eat dinner with your friends?
Where do you go out to eat?
What would you order and how much do you need to pay?

You’d probably pay for only what you’ve eaten and would probably be able to guess how much it would be for yourself.

The Japanese like to eat out together with friends, co-workers, and with clients after work, or with friends on weekends. Many of them often go out to a restaurant called “Izakaya”.

“Izakaya” is a type of restaurant that serves every kind of food such as various types of salad, pasta, sushi, noodles, fried rice, steaks, sweets. And they also have various kinds of drinks.
Beer, wine, cocktail, cola, tea, etc. You name it!

Be aware of the way Japanese order food when they are in Izakaya.They don’t usually share drinks (exceptions: pitcher beer and bottle of wine) but they share all the food.

The way it goes is like this:
First, one person usually takes control of ordering and asks everyone what they want to order. Once all the information is ready, one person gives all the orders to waiter or waitress.

The way the Japanese eat is like this:
When the food comes, each gets a small dish and they share.Don’t eat all of the food you ordered, when the food comes to the table.Be prepared to share or ask around if others want to get a bite.It’ll look impolite if you don’t share. A bite or two for each dish is what you get when you eat with Japanese.

When it’s time to leave, and the check comes,this is the part you should be aware!

The Japanese way to pay for the check is paying all together, dividing the amount depending on who you are.

If the group includes both men and women, the men pay more.
If the group includes an older or superior person (boss maybe),the boss pays for the entire meal or pays a larger amount and the balance gets divided depending on who you are.

This is the order who pays more:
Boss or elder > man > women

So be aware, especially if you are a man.When you are eating with Japanese, the possibility of paying more than you ate is quite high. For ladies, you’ll be paying less than you should or even nothing, so order whatever you like!

Men!  You can refuse to pay, but understand you won’t be invited for the next get together or dinner at Izakaya again!

For men, be sure to order what you really want to eat,
or you might end up paying for food you even don’t like.
And make sure to bring plenty of money with you.

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